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Dedicated to those who pursue an organic sound with warmth and presence.

  • Advanced handmade analogue electronics
  • Odd harmonics’ excitation
  • Less than -86dBu Noise Floor
  • Perfect for enhancing presence and definition in vocals
  • Growing forests with your sound – We plant a tree for every device sold
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Lava Preamp

Thanks to the odd harmonics excitation of the frequency spectrum and their distortion during the linear phase, the new Lava Preamp Original Edition will provide your sound with a broader presence in the mix.

Its advanced handmade analogue electronics offer a slow transients’ response, thus generating a more homogenous sensation in the final sound.
All this without relinquishing awesome aesthetics and environmentally friendly industrial design, down to the finest detail.



Harmonize the voice

Connect your favourite microphone to Lava Preamp and instantly obtain beautiful definition and dynamics that will settle the voice into the mix with pinpoint accuracy.
But there is even more: due to the odd harmonics’ excitation Lava Preamp generates a psychoacoustic effect that conceals slight off-key mistakes. Thus, the resulting sound would fit better in the mix.



Voices “In-Your-Face”

What do the most groundbreaking speech of an action movie, a deep historical documentary voice-over, or the smooth whispers of an ASMR podcast have in common?
Lava Preamp is the best option to highlight the voice in the foreground, giving it more presence and definition. The whole frequency range will come into play in a homogeneous way, due to its transistors’ linear distortion, locating your voice above all else.



Tierra Green – Growing forests with your sound

TIERRA Green is born, and with it our firm compromise to plant a tree for every device that will be sold.
For the time being we have bought 30.000 square meters of fertile land located in the north of Spain, where we do wish to one day grow a forest.

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Lava Technical specifications

Microphone input Input impedance: 300 Ω or 1200 Ω when activating HI-Z.
Instrument input Input impedance: 400 kΩ.
Output Maximum output: +20 dBu with max. 0.1% THD.
Harmonic distortion (THD) Less than 0,03% at +4 dBu output in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
Frequency response From 20 Hz to 20 kHz (0.5 dB at 20 Hz, -0,5 dB at 20 kHz).
Gain level From +15 dB to +70 dB (in steps of 5 dB).
Output impedance Less than 80 Ω, Transformer Balanced and earth free.
Noise floor Less than -86 dBu.
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) 102 dB, 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
Power source Two configurable voltage source settings on the back panel: 110 V AC 60 Hz and 220 V AC 50 Hz.
Operating temperature range Between 32º and 104º Fahrenheit (between 0º and 40º Celsius).
Power source fuse 500 mA.

Have a listen to the Lava:

Female Vocal Samples

Male Vocal Samples

String Instrument Samples

Lava Preamp is the best buddy for stringed instruments. Thanks to its overwhelming headroom you will be able to keep alive all the dynamic range of these instruments.
Acoustic or Flamenco guitar, violins, cellos… From the most subtle vibration to the most powerful strumming, Lava Preamp will provide you with the colour and dynamic range ideal for each situation.

Bass Guitar Samples

Everything flows when basses are well-defined and the mix low-end is consolidated. All great contemporary mixes share this secret. With Lava Preamp your final mix will remain firmly fixed to the ground.

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