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Chilli Flavoured Preamp

Chilli is our most wild flavour and, without a doubt, the crispiest and sharpest

  • Aggressive Sound
  • In-Your-Face
  • Very Fast Transients
  • Even Harmonics
  • Growing forests with your sound – We plant a tree for every device sold
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Flavours Preamps

Flavours Preamps is a collection of studio-quality microphone inline analog preamplifiers that will bring an extra dose of gain, texture and colour to your vocals and instrument recordings, and live performances.

Thanks to the wide range of flavours offered, you can enjoy different gain levels, from an enhanced and crystalline sound to different types and intensities of “sonic flavours” specially designed to bring a unique character, always without losing a drop of musicality. You will get warmer nuances and sounds, others sharper or hotter, others denser, others more saturated, others with more definition, more grain, or even more crunchy.

Simply plug in your favourite microphone and start singing or playing your instrument: You’ll be amazed at your “new sound”!

Like all our products, the Flavours Preamps are handmade with tons of love in Madrid (Spain), with circuits and electronic components of the highest quality. They result from the joint effort of engineers, musicians, designers, and producers to provide a full range of “portable flavours” that will enrich and nuance the sound of your microphones.

Seven different flavours, offering a very versatile sound range to help you improve the sound of your lead voices, choirs, Spanish guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass amplifiers, and all kinds of string instruments such as violins, cellos or double basses, percussion instruments… In short, any voice or instrument that can be picked up by a microphone.
Each of the models offers a different gain level (all boosted), as well as a possible frequency filter (more or less bass, mid and/or treble) and a certain harmonic distortion (soft or hard), or even an improved but totally neutral sound, without additives.

Chilli Description

Suitable for vocals, because it brings an amazing energy and a lot of presence: voices in-your-face!
Also, many acoustic guitarists, drummers and percussionists will want to carry one under their arm at all times.


  • BOOSTED GAIN: +51 dB
  • HARMONIC DISTORTION: even harmonics, crispy sound with hard compression of peaks

Aggressive Sound • In-Your-Face • Very Fast Transients • Even Harmonics
Chilli is our most wild flavour and, without a doubt, the crispy and sharpest.


Tierra Green – Growing forests with your sound

TIERRA Green is born, and with it our firm compromise to plant a tree for every device that will be sold.
For the time being we have bought 30.000 square meters of fertile land located in the north of Spain, where we do wish to one day grow a forest.

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Listen and compare the different flavours:

Below are some examples of the Flavours Preamps being used for vocals and guitar. For further examples including Bass, Drums, Lead and Acoustic Guitar visit the Tierra  

Check out more samples: