Tierra Audio – Black Bamboo Active Ribbon Microphone


Maximum sound quality and also incorporates a new multidirectional anti-pop system.

  • Dense sound, with more body and presence
  • Vintage sound
  • Low noise level


Black Bamboo Active Ribbon Microphone Description

Bamboo is our new line of ribbon microphones, featuring a passive ribbon microphone called Bamboo, and two active ribbon microphones, White Bamboo and Black Bamboo.

The three ribbon microphone models are designed to offer maximum sound quality and much-improved durability compared to traditional ribbon microphones.

All models are handmade in Spain with resistant, modern products that meet our demanding environmental requirements. The particular frequency response and different harmonic content of each model give them a lot of versatility as well as enormous artistic and technical potential.

The vintage sound is increasingly booming within the music industry, leading to the return of such particular microphones as ribbon. They were very popular products during the ’40s and ’50s in recording and broadcasting studios. The renewed interest in searching for that sound, so characteristic of those times, is what is increasing its popularity.

This new line of microphones of the so-called “ribbon”, based its operation on a transducer built from a pair of high-power magnets flanking a corrugated aluminium tape between 1.2 and 2.5 microns thick. The result of this process is high sound quality and a very low noise level.

Bamboo Ribbon Range

Our three ribbon microphone models are designed to offer the highest sound quality. In addition to incorporating a new multidirectional (anti-pop) windbreak system with several strategically distributed layers, much more efficient and stable than those currently available on the market, they also feature a continuous mass electronics system. This system minimises the noise floor and eliminates intermediate mechanical elements. Moreover, given the importance of magnets in this type of product, we have specially manufactured for this new range N52 grade neodymium magnets (the most powerful magnets on the planet). These magnet have exclusive dimensions and coated with a thin epoxy film that gives them extreme durability against humidity and sudden temperature changes. As a result, they are very suited for live performances or vocal interpretations. This resistance to humidity is reinforced with a final coat of a tropicalizing varnish that protects all electronic connections for life.

As a culmination to all the technical deployment mentioned above, the Bamboo ribbon microphones perform the amplification stage using transformers of the prestigious Lundahl® brand, synonymous with quality and durability.

In TIERRA Audio we work and strive every day to bring and refresh what we love and respect, ProAudio engineering, and this line of ribbon microphones is a clear reflection of it. Undoubtedly, the new Bamboo range will bring the sound you’ve always wanted in your studio and home studio recordings with guaranteed durability.

Passive Bamboo Ribbon 

White Bamboo Ribbon


Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo is our active ribbon microphone, powered by phantom and with a very low noise floor. Its electronic design, in addition to providing higher gain than its White Bamboo sibling, offers a dense sound, with more body and presence, and with a slight de-esser effect. Its built-in Lundahl® transformer together with the combination of the highest-quality electronic components and technology, makes its sound immediately adaptable to the highest recording standards, making it the most versatile ribbon microphone in the entire range.


Technical Specifications Black Bamboo

Ribbon: Aluminio 99.1%, 46×6 mm, 1.8 μm
Transformer: Lundahl® Original
Magnets: Neodymium (N52 Grade) with epoxy coating
Pattern: Figure of eight
Ribbon impedance: 0,1 Ω
Output impedance: 60 Ω
Sensitivity: -50 dB (Ref. 1V/Pa)
Self-Noise: -122 dBV(A)
Max. SPL: >130 dB @ 1KHz


Experiment with Bamboo

It is common, within the digital environment, to use simulators that mess up and colour the sound just like a ribbon would. We are passionate about colouring signals, so we invite you to experiment with our ribbon microphones.

Use Bamboo to re-amplify electronic or digital sounds to give them the flavour and character of ribbon. At the same time, you alter their frequency response, obtaining a more natural and humanised sound.

Naturalness and warmth in your vocals

The sound of the Bamboo range ribbon will provide an incomparable character and musicality to your vocals. Each of the three microphone models will best adapt to the different situations and projects you face.

Use White Bamboo to get a defined and very present voices, without losing the balance and naturalness of ribbon microphones. Its particular frequency response will greatly facilitate the subsequent mixing process.

Handmade, local product, Packaging, Tierra Green

The Bamboo family is manufactured with resistant and modern materials. These comply with our characteristic ecological values, such as food-grade stainless steel, whose levels of reusability and recyclability are very high. In addition, all screen printing is laser engraved, making it easy to read and durable over time.

We want to take care of all the details of each product, so for this range, we have opted for a packaging consisting of an elegant and resistant box with bamboo finishes. In addition, there is another recycled cardboard box that facilitates its transport wherever you want. Inside, you will find a recycled cotton bag to protect the microphone during studio or live sessions. Moreover, it includes a clamp.

In addition, the entire Bamboo range has been designed and built by hand in Madrid and its development has involved suppliers and craftsmen from many corners of Spain. In our effort to support local manufacturing we are very excited to be able to say that more than 85% of the materials and elements needed for its construction come from local suppliers.

We believe that another way of approaching production and manufacturing is possible and therefore we do not stop learning and incorporating new ways of working in our day-to-day. We are sure that everything adds up to make the final experience with the product as pleasant as possible. In the case of Bamboo, and within our TIERRA GREEN, initiative, we have decided to plant a tree for every 5 units of the ribbon microphone line. In TIERRA Audio, we are committed to a sustainable model of electronic manufacturing.

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