Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB Stereo Valve Compressor



The Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB is a Stereo Valve Compressor hand-wired in England. This new SB model is the standard, it still includes the side-chaining from the SC model, however there is a new HT switch that allows the unit to be put into standby mode, prolonging the life of the unit’s valves and capacitors.

What sets The Phoenix SB apart, is its ability to change the dynamics of audio, without harming the signal. The Phoenix gently warms tones and can be used effectively on solo instruments or overall mixes.


The main features of the Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB include:

  • Improved upon the old SC model
  • “Soft knee” compression for gentle warmth
  • Side chain filters can be set to operate between 150-300Hz
  • New HT standby Switch
  • Balanced ins and outs
  • Flat frequency response
  • All valve design


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