Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 Microphone Preamp Compressor



The Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 is a single channel version of the classic Phoenix Stereo Compressor, having the same gentle ‘variable mu’ type compression curve, it becomes near to a limiter at high compression levels. The gain has been boosted to suit mic input levels, particular valve and FET condenser types, but many moving coil types, such as Shure, Audio Technica etc are fine to use if the sound source is quite loud or closed miked.



If you switch the Threshold switch to Comp Out, the HG15 sound is a mic/line amp, now add a little Active EQ using the onboard switchable presets such as ‘Presence’ or ‘Air’ to brighten the sound, then switch in some compression and achieve that gentle dynamic and clarity that Thermionic Culture is renowned for. The Output Level control acts as a reverse linear attenuator after the electronics, and can be used simply to reduce level if feeding a lo level input, or to add ‘Attitude’ by reducing the output and increasing the input. If you are working from line level, it is okay to switch the input from ‘Line’ to ‘Pad’ but ensure the +48v switch is off!!

For those who like need stereo Mic Amps and Compression, two HG15’s can be linked together via simple cable connection via the ‘Link’ socket at the rear. There is a Side Chain Bass Cut Switch, which can be useful in mono operation.

To summarise, the Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 is an ideal, mic amp, channel strip for vocals, acoustic instruments, brass, woodwind and percussion especially when using a high output Condenser Microphone like the Neumann U87 or Telefunken CU29.

The main features of the Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 include:

  • High Gain Mic Amp, Compressor, EQ with super-natural valve sound
  • Based on classic Phoenix design with 52dB gain available
  • Fully Balanced circuit with XLR in/out connectors
  • +48v Phantom Power available
  • 7 way switchable Compressor control with Compressor Out position
  • Time Constant Switch with 6 Attack & Release combinations
  • Side Chain Bass Cut
  • Presence and Air Switch to boost mid and high top with in/out switch
  • Bass Cut to roll of low bass
  • 2 Valves, 6AQ8EH input and 12AT7/ECC81 output
  • Solid State side chain
  • Link socket to connect two HG15’s for stereo operation
  • Made in the United Kingdom

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