Telefunken M80 Custom Dynamic Handheld Microphone (All Chrome)


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The Telefunken M80 Handheld Dynamic Microphone is designed to deliver condenser-like audio for the stage and studio. The M80 features a low mass capsule and thin capsule membrane which deliver a wide frequency response and offer high SPL capability, allowing for use with vocals, instruments, and drums. The microphone’s head grill and capsule assembly reduce proximity effect, resulting in low-end clarity for vocals while still providing strength and authority with an open, airy character. A tight cardioid polar pattern and frequency response with a subtle rise in the high end provide the M80 with characteristics suitable for live vocal applications. The package includes a microphone clip, a leather carrying case, and a packing tube.

The main features of The Telefunken M80 Handheld Dynamic Microphone include:

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • High SPL Response
  • Low Mass Capsule
  • Suited for Voice, Instruments & Drums
  • Includes Mic Clip
  • Includes Leather Carrying Case
  • Delivers condenser-like performance in a durable design
  • Equally suitable for voice, instruments, and drums on both stage and in the studio
  • Wide frequency response and high SPL capabilities
  • Low mass capsule and thin capsule membrane
  • American-made custom-wound impedance-matching transformer

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