Telefunken ELA M260 Tube Condenser Microphone


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The Telefunken ELA M260 Tube Condenser Microphone is an exceptional sounding microphone for all signal sources.

The Ela M 260 features a New Old Stock Telefunken EF732 tube and comes complete with a set of three interchangeable capsules (cardioid, hyper-cardioid and omni), as well as an adaptor to allow the use of any AKG CK series capsules, and other capsules made by JZ / Violet and B.L.U.E. Systems also include a microphone box, 10 meter Gotham Audio cable, owners manual and 1 year warranty.

The Ela M 260 provides a response that will find a wide range of applications. As drum overheads and on acoustic instruments of all types, the Ela M260 will respond particularly well and provide an extraordinary result. We are confident that professional recording engineers and all recording enthusiasts will embrace the new Telefunken | USA Ela M 260 as a valuable addition to their microphone selection.

In 1959, Telefunken ordered a series of microphones from AKG, to replace the Telefunken/Neumann line of microphones. This series included the world famous Ela M 251 and Ela M 250 microphones, as well as the obscure but extraordinary Ela M 270 stereo mic. The remaining two microphones in the series were the Ela M 260 and Ela M 261 small diaphragm microphones, which, until now have been almost completely unknown to recording professionals.

The main features of Telefunken ELA M260 Tube Condenser Microphone include:

Type Condenser Pressure Gradient
Capsule M260, M261, M262
Frequency Range 20Hz / 20kHz
Polar Pattern Cardioid, Omindirectional, Hypercardioid
Sensitivity 14MV/Pa = -37dB (0dB = 1v/Pa) -10bD
Impedance 200 ohms
SPL (for 1% THD @ 1KHz) 120dB
Non Linear Distortion
Equivalent Noise 15dB (A-weighted)
Tube Type EF732 Telefunken NOS
Power Requirments Dedicated Power Supply
Weight 4.2 oz (119g)
Size 5 1/2″ (140mm) length x 13/16″ (21mm) diameter

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