Summit ECS 410 Everest Channel Strip



The Summit ECS 410 Everest Channel Strip is a state of the art channel strip comprised of four completely independent modules, each with its own fully balanced input and output, and the ability to effortlessly route and reroute each module internally entirely in the analog domain.

With the TouchPatch routing system you’re in control of your signal path quickly and efficiently. With just the push of a button, you can easily route any combination of the ECS-410 internal modules. 


Summit ECS 410 Everest Channel Strip Overview

Each section has its own I/O (and in some cases, multiple I/O), so each one can be wired into your patch bay for individual use. Any section not routed internally is ready to be used on its own as if it were a completely independent piece of gear….and all six of Everest’s outputs are always on and available, allowing for all sorts of creative routing and patching options.

Each piece of Summit gear is meticulously crafted by hand in our shop using only the best quality components and attention to detail. Quality components and engineering know-how are the critical element to the sound and longevity of audio gear. 


The main features of the Summit ECS 410 Everest include:

  • Mic/Instrument Tube/SS Preamp
  • Passive EQ
  • Dual Mode Dynamics
  • Tube/SS Overdriveable Master DriveBus™
  • TouchPatch™ Single Touch Routing
  • Each section has individual I/O or route together with TouchPatch™
  • Completely variable sound from open and pristine to total overdrive
  • Three Year Warranty


Summit ECS 410 Everest Channel Strip Technical Specifications

Size and Weight
3.5 inches (8.89 cm)
19 inches (48.26 cm)
17 inches (43.18 cm)
26 pounds (11.79 kg)
Power Configuration
  • Internal AC Supply
  • 100VAC-240VAC (different fuse for 100V,
  • 115V, and 240V)
Dc1 Dual Mode Compressor Data
    • THD+N: (@+4dB, with no compression but
    • through gain cell)
    • 0.025% (A weighted), 0.041% (unweighted with
    • 6dB compression) 0.013% (A weighted), 0.013%
    • (unweighted)
    • Frequency Response: 5dB >200kHz +/- 3dB,
    • 5Hz-136kHz +/-0.5dB
    • Gain: -4dB to +10dB
    • Attack: variable from 4mS to 100mS
    • Release: variable from50mS to 1S
  • Ratio: Classic or Tight
  • Metering: 10 segment LED for gain reduction
  • IO: Balanced XLR +4dB in and out,
  • 1/4″ side chain, 1/4″ stereo link
Db2- Drive Bus Master Output and Overdrive
    • THD+N (@+4dB, no cut or boost):
    • Bypass: 0.002% (A weighted), 0.008% (unweighted)
    • Tube: 0.3% to overdrive (unweighted)
    • Solid State: 0.013% to overdrive (unweighted)
  • Frequency Response:
  • Tube 5Hz -> 50kHz +/- 2dB, 5Hz -> 25kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Solid State 5Hz- > 200kHz +/- 2dB, 5Hz-130kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Gain: +20dB
  • Type: Tube (12AX7A) or discrete transistor
  • Metering: analog VU output level
  • IO: balanced XLR +4dB in and out, -10dB 1/4″ TRS out
Mz2 Microphone Preamplifier
  • Max gain: +60dB (plus 20dB when routed
  • through the Db2 drive bus output)
  • THD+N (@ +30dB): 0.008% (A weighted), 0.01% (unweighted)
  • Max Out: +25dB
  • Frequency Response: Solid State 10Hz-200kHz +/- 3dB;
  • 15Hz-120K +/-0.5dB
  • Tube 15Hz-159K +/-3dB, 0Hz-65Hz +/- 0.5dB
  • Input impedance: 2K ohms
  • Type: Switchable tube (12AX7A) or discrete transistor
  • HPF: 60Hz, 6dB/8va
  • Metering: 10 segment LED
  • Phantom Power +48VDC
  • Pad: -20dB
  • Polarity: 0 or 180 degrees
  • IO: Balanced XLR mic in, front panel 1/4″ Hi-Z in, balanced XLR +4dB
  • (nominal) out, 1/4″ TRS -10dB (nominal)
Fe1- Passive 3 Band Equalizer
    • THD+N (@+4dB, no cut or boost): (A weighted) 0.009%,
    • (unweighted) 0.025%
    • Frequency Response: 5Hz- 100kHz +/-0.5dB ,
    • 5Hz- >200kHz +/-3dB
  • Low 33, 60, 100, 150, 270, 390HZ (peak or shelf)
  • Mid peaking bandwidth: 2 octaves
  • High shelf: 6dB/8va, peaking bandwidth 2 octaves
  • IO: balanced XLR +4dB in and out
  • 3 year limited warranty


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