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  • Big Commander V2 desk
  • Keyboard pull out option for 88 keys keyboards


StudioDesk Commander V2 Desk With Pullout Keyboard Tray – SMART DESIGN GETS BETTER

Music Commander Series defined the StudioDesk Brand from the very beginning of our existence.
Our vision is to create a perfect workstation around your needs as a music producer.
To be able to do that, we constantly listen to your requirements, learn about your workflow, following current
gear trends. Keeping all that in mind giving us ability to successfully contribute to one of the most creative community.
Our focus is on designing quality inspirational beautifully organized space making you proud owner.
The results is Commander V2 Workstation. Put your gear on it and feel the unspeakable difference.


Commander V2 Desk With Pullout Keyboard Tray Features

Proudly presenting Commander V2, the successor of the older brother Music Commander. With this new model, we wanted to do some design changes contributing to better comfort of the producer. For the first time monitor shelf is adjustable in height without need to disassemble the desk, thanks to the levelling system. Keyboard stand provides more leg space. Commander V2 is wider desk with enlarged middle section which is now able to accommodate many professional consoles and rack gear. Specially designed shape of padded armrest providing better access to your keyboard. The RGB LED Lighting is now incorporated and comes serial with every desk. Some very special aesthetic aluminium details on the desk legs is enlighten with LED lights which contributes to unique and exclusive look. Keyboard stand on casters suitable for hard floors and carpets can accommodate biggest workstations on the market. Cable management is incorporated under the main desk surface keeping your cables away from your site. A total of 8 U rack components is divided into the both sides of your desk angled towards you and always within your reach.

Big Commander V2 desk is a perfect workstation for those who want to be organized. 

Studio workstation with a perfectly organized and optimized ergonomic space. The state-of-the-art innovative design and careful planning of this desk allow you to have your complete home studio set-up on small space including 88 keyboards underneath the main desk surface.  A successor of our first most popular desk get’s even better. In Hight adjustable monitor shelf, an Interchangeable padded armrest angled design, RGB LED serial lights combined with the aluminium aesthetic application on the sides gives this desk stunning looks.  A large 88 keyboard pull out option is added to this configuration. These are just a few new features. The spacious central portion of the desk will accommodate quite big mixing consoles. Additional rack space for up to 8 standard rack units is optional by adding a floor rack cabinet on casters. The comfortable interchangeable padded armrest is available in 3 colours,  Black, Wine Red, and Ferrari Red. Please check the pictures in the gallery and select your preferred colour. For additional colours please contact us.

Summed all together, this is the workstation that you’ll be proud to call your own!

Commander V2 Desk With Pullout Keyboard Tray Technical Specifications:

Main desk

  • Corpus – Black High Gloss Piano finish
  • Desk surface – Black matte finish
  • Angled design
  • Interchangeable PU Leather padded armrest
  • Adjustable monitor shelf in height (no need for desk disassembly).
  • Cable management under the desk
  • Adjustable legs tips
  • RGB LED lights with remote control are included
  • Rack space – 4 U per sideNote that the construction of the desk has some Rack limitations. Diagram can be found below in the gallery. 


Keyboard Pullout option

  • Finish black matte colour.
  • Engineered for keyboards up to 20 kg
  • Suitable for keyboards from 10 – 16.5 cm in height
  • Adjustable in height
  • General dimensions  1591/400/123 – 165mm / 62.63″/ 15.74″ / 4.92″ – 6.49″
  • Maximum keyboard size – 1490 x 400 x 165 mm / 58.66 x 15.74 x 6.49″
  • Dimensions W 2037/ D 981/702 H 1001 mm / 80.19″ x D 38.62″ x H 39.40″

 *Some colours on the pictures may vary from the described model.



Our workstation desks are made to last decades. We utilize only high-quality materials with special attention to incomparable finish. Lacquering process used in our production is one of the best in the Industry resulting with the perfect shiny, glossy lacquer reminds to a mirror. The desk surfaces are finished with the durable matte non -reflective paint. We know how easy assembly is important to you. Our desks are designed to be assembled without any drilling. It can be assembled by anyone. To make your life even easier, we created a step by step assembly videos. All connecting components are thoughtfully planned. Your desk can be easily disassembled and assembled again on the other location if needed. All designs are made with attention to aesthetic and modern look which will be noticed by your visitors and not easily outdated.


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Commander V2 Desk Colour Options

White Surface, Black Surface, All White, All Black

Commander V2 Desk Armrest Colour

Black, White, Red, Burgundy Red