SPL MTC 2381 Monitor and Talkback Controller


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The SPL MTC 2381 is a Monitor & Talkback Controller
designed for professional users demanding pristine signal flow.

The SPL MTC 2381 combines volume level control, source switching and
loudspeaker management for stereo monitoring with comfortable talkback
and cue mixing functions. The organizational focus that such essential
services bring, coupled with an extraordinary tonal quality, makes
possible an unrivaled convenience in DAW-based monitor management – in
all areas of signal processing and playback.

The latency-free Cue Mix signal for the musician can be composed of
the musician’s track and the track mix. The Talkback communications
option via the SPL MTC 2381’s built-in microphone provides a footswitch
input for remote control and a separate output with the dry talkback
signal. These features mean that monitoring in any DAW-based studio now
can be expanded to include the kind of essential functionality that to
now has only been available in large analog consoles.

The sleek, ergonomic construction makes the SPL MTC 2381 perfect for
desktop placement – for example, near or under computer screens.


SPL MTC 2381 main features include: * Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 100 kHz (+/- 3 dB) * Input Impedance balanced via Sub-D: 50 kOhm, unbalanced via RCA: > 10 kOhm * Output Impedance, balanced via RCA: <600 Ohm * THD + N: 0,006 % * Noise (A-weighted): > 80 dBu * Overload Resistance: +22 dBu * Dynamic Range: 110 dB * CMRR: > 70 dBu * Phase: -20°@20 kHz * Crosstalk L-R: > -70 dB@1 kHz/0 dBu * Dimensions: H x B x T (mm): 91 x 272 x 220 * Weight 2,3 kg

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