SoundToys Tremolator V5 Software Plug-In Native (Electronic Delivery)


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Nothing adds depth and vibe to a track like the pulse of a great-sounding tremolo. Whether it comes from a vintage guitar amp or out of your favorite old electric piano, tremolo is a go-to effect that adds instant character. Now, SoundToys packs outstanding analog-style tremolo effects into their surprisingly affordable Tremolator plug-in! But, they didn’t stop with great-sounding trems. You also get the modern tools you need to take rhythmic and dynamic control over these old-school favorites. The Tremolator gives you a built-in Rhythm editor, dynamics controls, and even MIDI sync, so you’re always in absolute control.




  • Analog-style tremolo models
  • Adjustable tempos from super slow to ultra fast 
  • Individual input, output, rate, depth, groove, and accent knobs 
  • Auto-gate and Rhythm Editor functions
  • MIDI sync
  • Dynamics controls
  • Rates adjustable in musically meaningful units (bars, eighth notes, triplets, etc.)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Windows XP/Vista/7

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