Soundelux U99 Multipattern Large Diaphragm Tube Microphone


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Soundelux U99

The Soundelux USA U99 is a multi-pattern tube microphone inspired by the legendary Neumann U67. Made by Bock Audio the U99 features the same K67 dual symmetrical backplate, dual-membrane capsule and “fat” switch as the popular U195 also designed by David Bock.

The Soundelux U 99 is suitable for vocals, acoustic instruments and even drums thanks to an on-board pad switch and enough proximity effect to sound full whilst avoiding sounding boomy. Use the Soundelux U99 wherever you would typically use a vintage u67, but with the warranty and reliability of a new mic and without the expensive maintenance costs of keeping a vintage mic functioning.

A quote by David Bock “For vocals, it provides creamy warmth with nice air, without an overwhelming proximity effect. It delivers breathtaking realism to acoustic guitar tracks and preserves the subtle timbral characteristics of acoustic pianos. Whether close up, overhead, or as room mics, the U99 brings sparkle and depth to drum kits without the midrange ‘boxiness’ of small diaphragm mics. For ADR and VO use, it is prized for its articulation and ability to grab dialog without unwanted artifacts. And for premier live sound, this mic is great on sax, piano, and overheads.”

The Soundelux USA U99 is hand made in the USA by David Bock and features components that have been carefully selected to offer the best possible sound and lowest noise with no expenses spared.

Included with this studio microphone is its own N470 power supply, six-pin XLR cable and bottom thread shock mount.


Soundelux U99 Features

  • Stunning microphone inspired by the legendary U67
  • K67 dual membrane capsule
  • Includes Fat switch
  • Boos-flat-cut HF switch
  • New Old Stock Valves
  • Large transformer for improve low frequency headroom
  • Handbuilt in the USA by David Bock

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