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The Sony ECM-100N Omni Hi-Res Mic features a newly-developed microphone capsule which picks up a wide frequency range from 20Hz to 50,000Hz. This fits into Sony’s ethos of Hi-Resolution audio products. The ECM-100N uses a two-part metallic body construction originally used in the famous C-800G studio mic to prevent acoustic vibration and self-noise, resulting in perfectly clear sound.

A Low-Cut filter switch helps eliminate low-frequency noise and proximity effect while a -10dB pad offers extra headroom if it’s needed.

The Sony ECM-100N Omni-Directional Hi-Res Microphone is an omni electret condenser microphone ideal for instrument recording in studio. It’s compatible with Sony High-Resolution Audio and has ben equipped with a newly developed microphone capsule to match the performance required to deliver exceptional clarity and frequency response. 

The Sony ECM-100N delivers flat and wide frequency response of 20 to 50,000 Hz and picks up all the raw sound of the instrument and its extended harmonics which would otherwise not be captured. This mic is also available as a Cardioid model.

The Main Features of The Sony ECM-100N Microphone Include:

  • Excellent Sound Quality. Newly developed small diaphragm microphone capsule with Omni-directional characteristics realizes clear and transparent sound in ambient and instrument recording.
  • Flat and Wide Frequency Response. The ECM-100N microphone has flat and wide frequency response (20 Hz to 50kHz) and provides superb sound reproduction quality for High-Resolution Audio.
  • Noise Elimination Construction. Two-part metallic body structure originally employed in the C-800G microphone prevents acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound. 
  • Low-Cut Filter. Low-Cut filter switch helps eliminate low-frequency noise and proximity effect.
  • Pad Switch. An -10dB pad switch on the ECM-100N microphone provides added headroom and minimizes distortion caused by transient peaks.

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