Sony C-100 Hi-Res Condenser Microphone


  • High-resolution condenser microphone compatible with Sony High-Resolution Audio
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-50kHz
  • Noise Eliminating two-part metallic body structure based on the C-800G
  • Switchable Polar Patterns: Omni, Cardioid, Figure of Eight
  • Low-cut filter
  • -10dB Pad Switch


The Sony C-100 Microphone is a new side-address studio condenser microphone incorporating advanced microphone technology making it compatible with Hi-Resolution Audio. The C-100 has three selectable polar patterns: Omni, Uni (cardioid) and Bi (figure-of-8).

The C-100’s newly-developed double microphone capsule uses technology first used on the world famous C-800G studio mic to incorporate advanced noise elimination and amazing reproduction of vocals and musical instruments alike.

With excellent sound quality, a wide frequency response, noise elimination construction, a low cut filter and switchable polar patterns, the Sony C-100 Hi-Res Studio Mic is a powerful recording tool, essential for every studio.

The Sony C-100 Microphone is a two-way condenser microphone, compatible with Sony High-Resolution Audio featuring an extended frequency response from 20Hz up to 50 kHz. This is a formidable studio vocal mic. Sony has designed the C-100 with Hi-Resolution Audio in mind, using advanced technology and housing developed from the C-800G vocal mic to allow for incredibly wide frequency range and low self noise. The C-100 is suitable for critical vocal and instrument recording in recording studios, as well as live and broadcast situations. 

Incorporating newly developed double microphone capsules and noise elimination structure, originally employed in the C-800G microphone, the C-100 delivers a broad frequency range of 20 to 50,000 Hz and excellent reproduction of vocal and musical qualities. The condenser element of the C-100 microphone provides a selectable pick-up pattern (Omni/Uni/Bi) for various recording applications.

The Main Features of The Sony C-100 Microphone Include:

  • Excellent Sound Quality. Two-way diaphragm structure realizes both broad high range and resonant mid-low range and gives great vocal presence.
  • Wide Frequency Response. The C-100 microphone has a broad frequency response (20 Hz to 50kHz) and provides superb sound reproduction quality for High-Resolution Audio.
  • Noise Elimination Construction. Two-part metallic body structure succeeded from C-800G microphone prevents acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound. 
  • Switchable Polar Patterns. The C-100 microphone features switchable uni-directional, omni-directional and Figure-8 ploar patterns for various recording applications.
  • Low-Cut Filter. Low-Cut filter switch helps eliminate low-frequency noise and proximity effect.
  • Pad Switch. An -10dB pad switch on C-100 microphone provides added headroom and minimizes distortion caused by transient peaks.


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