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The Sontronics HALO is a striking dynamic microphone that was designed by Sontronics’ founder and designer Trevor Coley specifically for use on guitar amps and cabinets.

The HALO features a dynamic capsule suspended on a four spring mounts within a retro-design circular frame, and is the best-sounding dynamic microphone that you can put in front of your guitar cab!

Engineers and technicians have long relied on dynamic mics to record amplifiers, both live and in the studio, but being a guitarist himself, Sontronics’ Coley wanted to create something that looked a bit more exciting than a regular handheld mic to put in front of the amp grille.

As already known that users were getting stunning results on amps (as well as vocals) from their best-selling STC-80 handheld dynamic mic, they decided to adapt that dynamic capsule to fit into the HALO’s vintage-looking body and also enhanced the circuit slightly to allow the mic to capture the exact frequencies of any guitar amp.

The result was the Sontronics HALO, which gives you all the bite, crunch and presence you could ever wish for, without needing to lay a finger on the EQ control (just like the STC-80). No guitarist or live technician should be without a Sontronics HALO!

The Main Features of The Sontronics Halo Includes:

• Dynamic microphone
• Designed specifically for guitarists by a guitarist!
• No EQ required
• Superb tone and easy to use

• Guitar amps and cabinets
• Plucked instruments (banjo, mandolin, bouzouki)
• Users have also reported great results on harmonica and vocals


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