Sontronics DRUMPACK PLUS 7-piece condenser mic set for drums



The Sontronics DRUMPACK PLUS includes seven award-winning condenser drum microphones – DM-1B for kick, DM-1S for snare, three DM-1T for tom toms and two STC-10 pencil mics – that together deliver stunning results on stage or in the studio.

The Sontronics DrumPack Plus pulls together seven premium-quality condenser microphones, including the award-winning DM-series drum mics, into a must-have package for any drummer or studio.

This seven-piece set of condenser microphones will give absolutely unmatchable results across your whole drumkit, and represents a saving of over 30% on buying the mics individually.

The DrumPack Plus comprises one DM-1B for kick drum, one DM-1S for snare, three DM-1T for tom tom and two STC-10 pencil condensers, all packaged together with six mic clips in a rugged, waterproof ABS flightcase.

The DM-series microphones were designed and developed by Sontronics’ founder Trevor Coley over a three-year period alongside top drummers and producers. The result is a set of microphones that beautifully and accurately capture all the characteristics of your drumkit, from the rattle and snap of a snare drum to the resonance of your toms and the deep thump of your kick.

The microphones have received rave reviews and awards, and regularly appear on the touring kits and studio set-ups of top drummers including Dave Grohl, Joey Kramer, Dom Howard and Dave Rowntree.

Sontronics DM-1B: The DM-1B large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone is superb at capturing the entire dynamic range of your kick drum, thanks to its high sensitivity, extremely low self-noise, -15dB attenuation pad and ability to handle up to 155dB SPL. Its end-fire design allows it to be positioned in front of the kick drum or right inside the soundhole, depending on what sound you are looking to achieve. The DM-1B delivers outstanding results on kick drum but also sounds fantastic on bass guitar cabinets, low brass and woodwind, tenor and baritone sax and even male vocals.

Sontronics DM-1S & DM-1T: The DM-1S  for snare and DM-1T for tom tom are small-diaphragm cardioid condenser mics each with a -10dB pad and SPL handling of up to 135dB. They have been designed with subtle variations in their response to suit the exact sound of your snare and tom, catching every element of your sound from the crack of a snare hit to the boom and resonance of your tom tom, and their tight cardioid pattern means you don’t get any spill from your cymbals or other drums.

Sontronics STC-10: The STC-10 cardioid condenser microphones (two of which are included in the DrumPack Plus set) boast two-stage pad and filter controls and an extremely precise response with Sontronics’ signature smooth high-frequency roll-off. As a pair they are amazing as drumkit overheads, but they also sound stunning whether used individually for solo percussion, woodwind or stringed instruments, but also together for stereo-miking acoustic guitar, piano and ensemble.

The Sontronics DrumPack Plus pulls together these seven microphones to offer a set-up that will deliver incredible results on your drumkit, whether recording in the studio or performing in a live environment.

To quote Grammy-winning producer Mark Rankin: “We were A/B testing the Sontronics drum mics against some thousand-pound mics and we had to keep checking the tracks because the Sontronics mics sounded as good if not better than the  expensive ones. We were totally blown away!”

The main features of the Sontronics DRUMPACK PLUS include:

• Condenser mic set for drums
• Seven award-winning microphones
• Designed specifically for kick, snare and toms
• Includes two pencil mics for overheads
• Stunning results in the studio or live
• As used by Muse, Dave Grohl, Aerosmith and more
• Supplied in rugged flightcase with 6 mic clips
• Impressive 155db SPL (DM-1B) and 135dB (DM-1S and DM-1T)
• Covered by Sontronics’ unique Lifetime Warranty


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