Focal Solo 6 ST6 Active Studio Monitor (single) | Pre-order


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Main Features

  • Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
  • Composite sandwich ‘W’-cone
  • Focus mode for 2-way and 1-way switching
  • Large laminar port: no port noises or distortion
  • Automatic stand-by mode (can be deactivated)
  • Switchable LF/HF shelving
  • Wall and ceiling mountable
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Solo 6 ST6 is a next-generation 2-way studio monitor from Focal. Featuring remarkable transparency and definition, along with revealing dynamics across a wide soundstage, the ST6 era offers unparalleled precision within its price range.

Following in the footsteps of SM6, the ST6 line includes three products at the cutting edge of technology. Made in France, the Solo6 and Twin6 studio monitors, together with the Sub12 subwoofer, benefit from the full scope of Focal’s sound savoir-faire. In addition to their multiple features (disengageable standby, high-pass crossover, Focus Mode, etc.), these products boast exclusive technologies, with their ‘W’ cone promising an extremely precise and exceptionally reliable sound.

Solo 6 ST6 – Two Monitors In One

Fitted with a Focal signature inverted Beryllium dome tweeter and composite sandwich cone, the ST6 delivers excellent neutrality with low distortion. Sporting an optimised baffle recognisable to Trio11 users, the tweeter is armed with an extra layer of protection from outside plosives while also maintaining optimised dispersion control.

Focus Mode

Focal’s Focus Mode enables comparative mixing by disabling the tweeter and utilising the woofer alone as a full-range speaker driver. The Focus Mode enables the loudspeaker to be converted into a one-way full-range monitor, providing a different speaker driver configuration accessed by simply pressing a pedal – as though there were a second pair of studio monitors with a reduced dynamic allowing the mix adaptability to be checked on smaller systems.

All this on top of Focal’s patented Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) technology, which reduces distortion in the 1kHz – 3kHz frequency range by 50%, as well as a high-pass crossover, a disengageable automatic standby mode and a 160Hz crossover for reflections from consoles – making Solo6 an industry-leading monitor.


Solo 6 ST6 may serve as a valuable asset in Dolby Atmos mixing and other immersive audio formats thanks to its ceiling and wall mounting fixtures. Compatible K&M brackets can be found under specifications and are sold separately.

Composite ‘W’ Sandwich Cone

The ‘W’ composite cone is made in France by Focal and allows the frequency response curve to be perfectly optimised. This cone’s unique characteristics of lightness and rigidity control the signal transmission speed within the material. The modulation of the structural foam’s thickness provides very precise control of the cone’s damping quality. When you’re listening, it creates total sound transparency, a very low distortion rate and an excellent phase response.


Solo 6 ST6 Documents

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