Rockruepel Comp Two Mastering Bus Compressor


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Oliver Gregor and Guido Apke, designed and built a puristic and pristine tube compressor. Both have years of experience as engineers and in repairing and modification of high end audio gear. This lead the two to improve the design of variable input tube and modify it to their liking. The unit is built by and for ears and is built from Oliver by hand.

Technical Specs

Input data:
Input Effective input impedance in the pass band Max. Input level (input at 5)

Output data:
Output Output source impedance in The pass band Max. Output level Frequency response re 1kHz:

Compressor: Compression Ratio: Attack times : Release times : Side chain High pass:

Amp only: Maximal Gain Distortion in pass band S/N ratios re nominal output level at 0 dB gain

Crosstalk re nominal output level at 0 dB gain

0.775V = 0 dB nominal output level +4 dBu balanced and Floating

≥ 17kOhms +27 dBu

balanced and Floating

≤ 600 Ohms +26 dBu 20 Hz to 20kHz + 1.34 dB 40Hzto20kHz+ 0.76dB

1:1.5 – 1:10 depents on input level

3 dB point at 45 Hz; 6 dB/oct 3 dB point at 60 Hz; 6 dB/oct

34 dB THD+N ≥ 0.09 %

Wtd per IEC-A ≥89 dB Unwtd ≥86 dB

≥90 dB



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