RME Micstasy 8 Channel Full Range Preamp and AD Converter


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The RME Micstasy High End Microphone Preamp features high-end converters and combines a number of typical RME features with a number of groundbreaking innovations.

With the RME Micstasy, not only conventional analog microphone preamps and AD converters are a thing of the past – a lot of applications will change. In short, Micstasy is the high-end, multi-analog-input super device for live, studio or installation; right up to no-compromise mobile recordings – making surround recordings a breeze.

Micstasy is both an analog preamp (Mic In to Line Out) and a digital preamp/converter (Mic In to Digital Out), with both signal paths operating simultaneously. Just passing on the amplified signals replaces the need for a splitter box on stage. And it can be fully remote-controlled. The unit also functions as a universal high-end AD converter, as it not only offers the highest quality conversion of microphone signals, but also of line signals from -55dBU up to +30dBu, and even instrument signals. And all this without needing to set an input sensitivity. Clipping is practically impossible. Live recordings become simpler, safer, and more comfortable.

Micstasy’s most important features can be controlled via MIDI or MADI, allowing the device to be placed anywhere on stage or in the studio, with full control from the studio or FOH mixer. This means that microphone cables can be relatively short, ensuring high quality signals without interference.

A single MADI cable can transfer up to 64 channels of audio. Several Micstasys can be connected with one MADI cable per unit and configured to use their individual channels within the MADI signal. Up to 8 Micstasys or ADI-8 QS units can thus be combined into one single MADI line. Additional MADI streams will allow systems of up to 128 or 192 channels, with the corresponding number of ADI-8 QS and Micstasies.

The main features of the RME Micstasy include:

• 8 hi-end mic preamps, digitally controlled gain (0.5 dB steps), range and internal PAD (invisible to the user).
• 8-channel high-end line amplifier, XLR and TRS input, with gain control in 0.5 dB steps.
• 8-channel AD converter with low latency and high SNR, thanks to CS5381 converters. The digital outputs deliver the same signal as the line outputs.
• Analog outputs: max. level approx +27 dBu
• Digital outputs: Double ADAT for 8 channels @ 96 kHz, D-sub connector for 4 x AES/EBU up to 192 kHz (plus one AES input as sync source).
• Remote control via MIDI and MADI.
• All settings are stored permanently.


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