RME HDSPe MADI FX PCI Express Interface


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The RME HDSPe MADI FX PCI Express Card is the most capable audio interface to date, featuring 390 audio channels including three MADI I/Os, ultra-low latencies down to 32 samples and an integrated 192kHz DSP effects engine.

The RME HDSPe MADI FX PCIe card sets a new benchmark in high-performance multi-channel audio processing thanks to a newly developed Hammerfall Pro Audio Core which has three times more processing power than the previous RME MADI flagship interface. Further to this sheer power, the underlying DSP efficiency algorithms ensure that unused channels require no processing, leaving more DSP for active channels.

The on-board DSP houses a special version of RME’s TotalMix FX, allowing near-zero latencies from multiple monitoring and mixing effects, and internal mixing and routing for the 4,096-channel mixer and 390 i/o channels. The new faster DSP increases not only the channel count, but the number of DSP effects as well.

With so many channels, a new TotalMix layout facilitates intuitive and ergonomic handling of mixer functions, hiding unused channels and giving the option to save any “Hide Setup” for later recall . This powerful routing and mixing provides a solution for any complex audio system with all individual channels having completely flexible routing and mixing functionality.

Another feature of the HDSPe MADI FX is RME’s unique SRO technology (Seamless Redundancy Operation). It uses the cards 3 MADI receivers to provide professional users with state-of-the-art fail safe audio switching, so the audio data is not interrupted when switching to another input. In SRO mode the HDSPe MADI FX operates as single MADI input device, recording up to 64 channels. As soon as the current input fails the audio data received from one of the other two inputs is used. No relocking and synchronization to a different clock source is required, and the interruption caused by the external failure is minimized to just a few samples.





  • 194 inputs and 196 output channels totaling 390 channels
  • 3x MADI I/O (2 x optical + 1 x coaxial)
  • AES/EBU I/O (via breakout cable)
  • Stereo analog out (for monitoring)
  • Word clock I/O
  • 3x virtual MIDI I/O over MADI
  • 1x MIDI I/O via 5-pin DIN (breakout cable)
  • TotalMix FX with 192 kHz effects engine

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