Radial Tank Driver 500-Series Reverb Module


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Radial Tank Driver 500 Series Reverb Module


The Radial Tank Driver is a wonderfully unique 500 series module that allows you to drive a balanced line level signal through the Reverb tank in your Fender Twin amp! Yes, an affordable interface designed specifically to drive spring Reverbs of all types and deliver the long trailing shimmering effect that is only possible with a true spring.

The design begins with a transformer coupled output driver with normal and high settings for new and old spring Reverbs alike. Separate drive and return controls allow signal optimization to maximize signal to noise. To further tailor the tone, the Tank Driver is equipped with two tone controls that let you adjust high end shimmer and low frequency boom. (Let’s face it… what else would you call it?)

Plug in an instrument and hear spring Reverb with less noise and wider bandwidth than ever before. Plug a mic pre into it to add spring Reverb to voice. Try it with drums to create unique sonic spaces. And since you probably have more than one amp in your studio… you will soon be using different Reverbs for different tracks.

The Radial Tank Driver… Hachtung Baby!

Technical Specs

  • Pro-balanced spring reverb interface
  • Use the spring reverb in your guitar amp
  • Add unique spring reverb effects to recordings
  • Optimized drive circuit for low noise



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