Zaor Quantica M3 Desk for Quantica P.O.A. – Discontinued

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The Quantica M3 Desk designed by Zaor is the innovative desk solution for an innovative mixing system. As the working environment of the future, Quantica Modula combines analogue workflow with digital convenience. Zaor adds immaculate ergonomics and a fresh, contemporary design to these qualities. In addition to space for two 27-inch touchscreens, the Quantica Desk provides ample desk space, mounting options for additional screens and a tray for keyboard and mouse. Modula and the Quantica Desk by Zaor: the perfect core for tomorrow’s studios.


Acustica and Studio DMI: Quantica Audio

Quantica M3 – Quantica Audio is a collaboration of plug-in specialist Acustica and renowned Studio DMI. With its sampling technology based on Voltera kernels, the analogue modelling plug-ins from Acustica set standards with regards to sonic musicality in digital production. Quantica Audio uses the technological advancements of Acustica and blends it with the years of practical experience of three-time Grammy nominee and top engineer Luca Pretolesi. This cooperation lead to the creation of Modula, an innovative production environment that allows the simultaneous control of any number of channels at once, provided an appropriate number of touchscreens – just like on those large-format consoles of the analogue era.


Quantica M3 – Timeless elegance and perfect ergonomics

The matt black Quantica Desk boasts a timeless appearance with its beaming white applications, forming a visual piece of art when set up with the two optional 27-inch touchscreens. The slitted sides convey a sense of unshakeable stability without compromising the airy design language. As leading manufacturer of studio furniture, Zaor knows the ergonomic requirements of day-to-day studio operation precisely. The angle of the two touchscreen displays is carefully chosen to optimise accessibility while also avoiding the effects of acoustic reflections often associated with touchscreens. Underneath the displays there is sufficient space for accessories of all kinds, and the additional pull-out tray holds keyboard and mouse without getting in the way of the touchscreen operation.

The desk also allows for mounting additional screens on a monitor arm behind the angled surface to provide even more convenience. With these qualities, the Quantica Desk qualifies for applications beyond its original scope, even beyond Modula and audio, providing the perfect work environment for multimedia creatives of all kinds.


Quantica Desk for that neat analogue feel

With Modula, a couple of touchscreens and the Quantica Desk by Zaor, the digital production environment feels distinctly analogue all of a sudden. The groundbreaking analogue modelling technology by Acustica mostly replaces the need for outboard equipment, making the Quantica Modula system the compact studio solution for everything from producing to mixing and mastering. The Quantica Desk perfects this approach. Mounting options for monitor swivel arms and rack space for audio interfaces, wordclock units and other important equipment can be found at the back of the desk. Clever cable management keeps the workplace neat and tidy at all times.



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