Prism Sound ADA-8XR AD-DA Converter P.O.A.


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Configuration options – Contact us for prices
    • PTHD – AES – 8AD 8DA
    • PTHD – AES – 16AD
    • PTHD – AES – 16DA
    • PTHD – DSD – 8AD 8DA
    • PTHD – DSD – 16AD
    • PTHD – DSD – 16DA
    • PTHD – FireWire – 8ADDA
    • PTHD – FireWire – 16AD
    • PTHD – FireWire – 16DA


  • PTHDX – AES – 8AD DA
  • PTHDX – AES – 16AD
  • PTHDX – AES – 16DA
  • PTHDX – DSD – 8AD DA
  • PTHDX – DSD – 16AD
  • PTHDX – DSD – 16DA
  • PTHDX – FireWire – 8ADDA
  • PTHDX – FireWire – 16AD
  • PTHDX – FireWire – 16DA

The Prism Sound ADA-8XR is a flexible modular AD/DA converter capable of handling up to 24-bit 192kHz audio and comes preinstalled with a card that suits your needs. Whatever configuration you choose, the ADA-8XR’s pristine sound conversion makes it a top choice for professionals who want quality results in sound recording, mastering, broadcast and post-production. The ADA-8XR can also be used as a master clock for your entire system via its internal precision reference or an external source, making it a unique feature not seen in many converters.

The ADA-8XR can be customised with various preconfigured modules, the 8 digital IO can be expanded to 8AD / 8DA, 16 AD or 16DA. The ADA-8XR can also be configured with various digital modules, giving various inteface options, for example, turning the ADA-8XR into a Pro Tools HDX system. All of the available configurations can be chosen through the options above.


The main features of the Prism Sound ADA-8XR AD-DA Converter include:

• Up to 16 channels of state-of-the art 24-bit, 192kHz conversion in one great-sounding 2U package
• Choice of 8AD plus 8DA; 16AD; 16DA or D-D only configurations
• Dual-path architecture allows independent operation of two 8-channel paths
• Electronically balanced, transformerless, galvanically isolated XLR analogue inputs and outputs ensure freedom from noise pick-up and crosstalk, with software-controlled balance and line-up
• Prism Sound ‘Over-killer’ selectable on analogue inputs: the best-sounding gentle limiting for louder masters – with no ‘overs’

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Digital Interface Module 2

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Analogue Module

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