Presonus Temblor T10 Active Studio Subwoofer


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The Presonus Temblor T10 Active Studio Subwoofer that features a 10” glass composite low frequency driver and a 250 watt power rating to really move the air in your studio. Designed to complement the Eris and Sceptre series studio monitors, the Temblor T10 provides full low end whilst still sounding musical and transparent.

The Presonus Temblor T10 has been built with some very clever features to get the best out of your monitoring setup, like the Eris and Sceptre series you have full control of the input gain to get the right volume setting for your listening environment. A variable low pass filter with a frequency sweep of 50Hz to 130Hz is included this help you effectively tune the sub to your requirements.

The Presonus Temblor T10 Sub also has a built-in cross over for isolating the frequencies destined for the monitors; a switchable high-pass filter removes any audio below the 80Hz spectrum that’s sent to the main monitors. For convenience the included foot switch control can completely bypass the subwoofer, high pass filter and sub output allowing you just to hear the sound of your speakers should you wish to do so.

The main features of the Presonus Temblor T10 include:

• Full range 250 watt active studio sub
• Low pass and high pass controls
• Built-in crossover
• Footswitch included for bypassing subwoofer

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