PMC twotwo.6 Active Near-Field Monitor (Single)


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The PMC twotwo.6 is an active near-field monitor that continues PMC’s excellent standards in reference studio speakers. The twotwo.6 has a larger cabinet and woofer than the twotwo.5, giving it extended bass performance and higher SPLs.

The PMC twotwo range are all built in Britain with state of the art technology resulting in a premium level of clarity and accuracy making the twotwo range perfect for a near-field reference solution. The twotwo range features ATL bass loading technology, giving the monitors, fantastic bass response, whatever the size of the cabinet. The monitors feature a high efficiency class-D amplifier and a powerful DSP engine giving a response of 40Hz – 25kHz with a crossover at 1.8kHz.

The main features of the PMC twotwo.6 Active Near-Field Monitor include:

• Active near-field monitor with 6.5″ woofer
• Dual Class D amplifier
• 27mm PMC tweeter
• Analogue and digital connections up to 192kHz
• Can be placed in horizontal or vertical positioning
• ATL bass loading technology



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