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The Padcaster Ultimate Studio will transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production suite with the Padcaster Studio.

The new Padcaster Ultimate Studio is a complete turnkey system that makes filming your projects a breeze – and it works perfectly with great partner apps like Filmic Pro, Movie Pro, Filmmakr, Touchcast, Facebook Live and many more.

Padcaster Ultimate Studio includes your choice of Padcaster with all three of our microphones – the YT-1300 Shotgun mic, Padcaster Stick Mic Kit and Padcaster Lavalier mic! Also included are the dual mic/headphone splitter, .45x wide angle lens, the rugged Padcaster VT-16 Tripod, XP-38 LED Light, a 5’x7’ portable Green Screen with carry case, the Padcaster Mini Teleprompter and a padded Camera Backpack to store all of your gear!

Make great video with the Ultimate Studio!

Padcaster Wide Lens

Padcaster’s .45x wide angle lens dramatically increases the iPad’s field of view. The 58mm rear thread means it attaches directly to the Padcaster lens bracket, and you can use additional 62 filters in front of the lens as well. Unscrew the front portion of the lens and it becomes a macro lens for close-up focus and a simple way to achieve a shallow depth of field.

Padcaster XP-38 LED

Padcaster’s XP38 LED is a variable brightness, daylight balanced light with a surprisingly strong throw. It accepts AA or Canon Lithium-ion batteries and has a swivel neck for easy positioning.  The XP-38 comes with an included Cold Shoe Adapter for mounting to the Padcaster frame.

Padcaster Shotgun Mic

Padcaster’s YT-1300 is a broadcast-quality condenser shotgun microphone. Adjust for both loud and soft sound sources with the three position level control with stops at -10dB, 0dB and +10dB of gain, and eliminate ‘rumble’ using the two step high pass filter with 80hz and flat positions. The YT-1300’s integrated sturdy ‘shock mount’ with hot-shoe adapter and included windscreen are ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions, either locked down on a tripod or hand-held on-the-fly. Requires a 9Volt battery (Not Included)

Dual Mic/ Headphone Jack

Padcaster’s dual microphone/headphone cable is a simple, professional way to connect your microphone to the iPad. One end is a MALE TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) and connects to the iPad’s headphone/mic port. The other end splits into a 3.5mm (mini) stereo heaphone jack and a 3.5mm (mini) microphone input so you can record and monitor your sound at the same time.

Padcaster Stick Mic Kit

The Padcaster Stick Mic is a live dynamic microphone providing a solid low-end and clear high-end frequency spectrum.  Its cardioid patterns are ideal for eliminating unwanted feedback in live settings. The Padcaster Stick Mic comes with a rugged twelve-foot Female XLR to 3.5mm (mini) cable that secures to the Padcaster with an included velcro strap.  Simply plug it into our dual mic-headphone jack  to easily record and monitor your audio. The Padcaster Stick Mic also includes our Three Piece Clamp system so you can attach it to the side of your Padcaster when not in use.

Padcaster Lav Mic

The Padcaster Lav Mic is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone ideal for stage, lecture halls, conference rooms or any venue where an unobtrusive and lightweight mic is needed. Its omnidirectional pattern allows 360 degree pickup of sound with a flat frequency response and wide dynamic range. The detachable tie-clip attaches easily to a shirt or collar, and the included windscreen minimizes “voice popping”. Padcaster Lav’s control tube can be pocketed or clipped to a belt.   Padcaster Lav has a 22-foot cable for extra long reach to your subject and comes with one (1) AG10 battery included.

Mini Clamp

Compact and extremely strong, the adjustable mini-clamp secures your favorite accessories and won’t let go.

Cold Shoe Stud

Made for fine adjustments. The steel cold shoe stud has a 1/4-20 thread, two movable collars and a male cold shoe foot.

Cold Shoe Adapter

A extra Cold Shoe Adapter is just what you need to attach those extra accessories. Grab a cold one!

VT-16 Fluid Head Tripod

The VT-16 is a lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum tripod with a 65mm ball head and leveling ball indicator for easy adjustments in any shooting environment.  The VT-16 has a solid metal fluid head and a removable quick-release plate with an adjustable locking pin for two points of contact.  This gives Padcaster two points of contact with he tripod and a secure, professional fit.  The VT-16 also comes with a water resistant carry case with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Padcaster Green Screen

The Padcaster 5’x7′ popup green screen is a small, easy to use accessory for shooting simple headshot interviews or small objects. This background sets-up and folds easily and comes in its own storage bag.

The two-sided feature gives you the flexibility to take one choose either a green or blue background, giving you two different “looks” to choose from.

Mini Teleprompter

The Mini Teleprompter sets up in minutes and is perfect for student interviews, morning announcements, on-location news, video bloggers and more.  

The Mini Teleprompter uses same quality 70/30R beam splitter glass found in high end teleprompters at a fraction of the cost and works with any smartphone and any number of free teleprompter apps.

Comes with an adapter ring to easily mount on the Padcaster’s 72mm lens bracket.

Padcaster Backpack

The Padcaster Backpack is a perfect fit for all of your mobile media gear!

Made from rugged waterproof nylon, the Padcaster Backpack is a fully padded camera bag with five velcro dividers to secure your accessories and a removable zipper pouch for additional internal storage.  An adjustable strap and hideaway pouch allow you to attach any small tripod to the pack and carry your entire kit in one bag.  Each Padcaster Backpack also comes with a removable, elastic rain cover to protect your equipment in any weather.

The main features of the Padcaster Ultimate Studio include:

  • Commercial grade aluminum frame with 24 standard 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes around the edges
  • Steel-reinforced tripod thread and locking pin hole allow you to connect it to a tripod, monopod or shoulder mount
  • Urethane insert allows a secure fit for an iPad
  • Remove the insert to use the Padcaster frame as a DSLR or GoPro cage
  • Lens bracket allows you to attach a variety of lenses
  • Complete solution includes unidirectional microphone and windscreen, dual microphone/headphone jack, .45 wide angle lens, cold shoe adapter and camera mount screw 
  • Compatible with iPad 2 – 4, Air, Air 2 / iPad Pro-9.7, Mini 1 – 3 and Mini 4 (please select you model from the list)

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