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The MTR HPA-2 headphone amplifier is derived from MTR Audio’s HPA-6 19″ rackmounting headphone amplifier, this is smaller, stand-alone version. It has two stereo inputs, one Main and one Auxiliary, both on ¼” trs jacks, a Loudness button, and two stereo headphone outputs, each with a volume control and a mono button. It is mains powered, with a rear panel on/off switch and fuse.

The HPA-2 auxiliary input is added to the main input, and feeds both output stations. It can be used to inject click tracks, for talkback from the control room for more effective communication between the engineer/producer and musicians, or silent rehearsing to an mp3 player/CD, etc. It can also be used in language teaching scenarios. The loudness button switches in a “smiling face” e.q. curve.

Perfect for two people working together, or multiple units can be scattered around the studio, where the aux input can be used as a “more me” foldback feature.

The main features of the MTR HPA 2 include:

• Two stereo inputs

• Loudness button

• Two stereo headphone outputs with volume controls and mono buttons

• Ample volume with headphones from 8 to 2,000 ohms

• Designed and entirely manufactured in Britain



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