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The MOTU Microbook IIc USB Audio Interface is a personal 4 x 6 recording studio with professional I/O and monitor mixing.

The bus-powered MicroBook IIc with its compact, rugged cast metal case is highly suitable for mobile recording, personal studio tracking, laptop-based DJ-ing, and many more. The MicroBook II has all the features of the original model, plus hands-on volume control, USB 2.0 connectivity for low-latency performance, six simultaneous outputs, an XLR mic input, and support for 96 kHz recording and playback.

All four inputs of the Microbook IIc (mic, hi-Z guitar, and stereo balanced line in) can be recorded simultaneously. The transparent mic preamp delivers natural uncoloured sound, with 20 dB pad and 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Balanced analog connectors and digitally controlled analog trim are also included. Input trim is controlled separately from input mix volume.

The MicroBook IIc gives you six channels of computer output on eight physical outputs (four pairs): balanced TRS quarter-inch main outs, stereo “mini” line out, S/PDIF digital out, and phones (on a stereo quarter-inch jack). The S/PDIF digital output always mirrors the main outs. Internal CueMix mixing and routing features let users program a different stereo mix for each output pair, consisting of any combination of live inputs and host audio tracks. You can also send the same mix to multiple outputs, or choose a separate output for the MicroBook’s built-in test tone generator or white and pink noise generator.

The driver provides an extra input and output pair for routing complete mixes back to the computer host, for scoping audio streams with the analysis tools in the included CueMix FX software, and for routing virtual instrument (or other host) output to the MicroBook II mixer. On-board effects include modeled analog EQ and compression, which can be applied with near-zero latency (in the hardware) to live inputs.

The main features of the MOTU MicroBook IIc include:

  • 4-input, 6-output bus-powered “plug-and-play” USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac and Windows
  • 6 x 8 physical input/output channels
  • 8-bus digital mixer to route and mix live inputs with computer tracks
  • Pre-amp equipped mic input with Precision Digital Trim™ 48V phantom power, and 20 dB pad
  • Hi-Z guitar input with Precision Digital Trim
  • Stereo line level analog input (balanced TRS quarter-inch or stereo mini)
  • Stereo balanced TRS quarter-inch line level main outs

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