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Unity Audio launches the new Mini-Boulder and Mini-Boulder DSP, adding to the existing range of professional active studio monitors. As the name implies, the Mini-Boulder is a compact version of the larger Boulder MK-III 3 way, albeit with one 8” woofer, instead of two.


The Mini-Boulder 3 Way has all the full detailed range, performance, and finesse of it’s Boulder big brother, but in a convenient smaller volume cabinet. Many professional engineers, producers and artists now work from smaller studio setups. However, they still require a detailed full range monitor that performs at any volume and which fits the studio space and budget.


The Mini-Boulder 3 way active design shares the exact same electronics and mid/high frequency coaxial driver from our larger Boulder Mk-III model. These include the following;

The unique and exclusive Coaxial 5” ring mid-range driver and 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter delivers point source, phase accurate performance over several octaves. This is due to the 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter being mounted inside the 5” ring mid-range driver. The single 8” / 220mm woofer has an extremely stiff aluminium cone giving tremendous bass precision. The cone and the low loss rubber surround eliminates the familiar cone edge resonance and distortion associated with soft cone designs. The woofers 4-layer high temperature voice coil wound on an aluminium voice coil former delivers high power handling capacity.

With the power delivery of the large 300 watt Class D amplifier running the 8” woofer, alongside the two custom Unity Audio 100 watt Class A/B amplifiers for the Coaxial mid range and tweeter, the Mini-Boulder delivers a life-like sense of scale. Taking any performance in their stride, offering high SPL figures with incredible effortless dynamics and transients.

The Cabinet

Like all Unity Audio monitors, the 18mm Baltic Birch plywood cabinet is a sealed enclosure that doesn’t rely on a traditional resonate port to deliver low bass frequencies. The advantage of this design philosophy is accurate bass reproduction, coupled with better time domain performance. Another benefit is a gradual 12dB per octave roll off, opposed to a 24dB ported roll off design. The 30mm Corian front baffle is bonded to the plywood cabinet forming a solid and resonant free mounting platform for all the drive units.

The sealed cabinet guaranties super fast transient response. This allows the user to hear every detail of a sounds initial attack and it’s true transient characteristics. Another invaluable attribute of the cabinet design is the ability to monitor at extremely low levels without compromising low frequency reproduction. No longer does the user have to monitor at higher monitoring levels to judge the bass correctly. Working for long periods of time at low to moderate listening levels while maintaining a full and accurate picture is all possible with the Mini-Boulder.

The Mini-Boulder Specifications

– 1 x 220mm (8″) Woofer
– Coaxial 5″ ring mid-range driver & 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter
– Sealed Baltic Birch 18mm (.75″) Plywood Cabinet
– Corian 30mm (1.2″) Front Baffle Design
– 2 x 100 Watt Unity Audio/EAR Discrete Class A/B Amplifiers
– 1 x 300 Watt Class D amplifier
– Balanced XLR Input
– Volume control
– 10kHz Shelf EQ switch +/- 2.5dB
– Mid driver EQ switch +/- 2dB
– 35Hz-38kHz +/- 3db
– Crossover points: 694Hz & 2.5kHz
– 354mm D x 268mm W x 406mm H
– 13.9″ D x 10.5″ W x 16″ H
– 22Kg approx

Min-Boulder DSP

The Mini-Boulder DSP version features the same high quality DSP hardware and software as the other Unity Audio DSP models. Featuring 24 bit/96k convertor performance in conjunction with a flexible 8 band EQ, 1/10tth dB gain resolution and preset library/storage. A balanced XLR Aux DSP output rear panel connector allows the possibility of sending audio to a sub-woofer or for other applications via the full DSP processing facilities. The Mac/PC DSP software is controlled over a sealed Neutrik Cat5 rear panel connector.


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