Meris 440 500-Series Preamp Module with Legend


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The Meris 440 500-Series Preamp Module with Legend is an ingenious studio preamplifier with a built-in effects pedal signal loop. Built in LA, California and designed by effects pedal and audio specialist Terry Burton, the 440 is has been engineered to be the perfect DI and preamp for guitar recording applications.

The Meris 440 includes lots of clever features most notably is the effects pedal signal loop, which allows for clean recording of your effects signal without any clipping or issues that may affect the quality  of your recordings. This signal loop means you can use effects post amplification allowing for a cleaner, more defined effects tone.

If you need your guitar tone to stand out more in a mix or give a more polished sound, the 440 features analogue filters that will do just this right at the tracking stage.

The onboard high-pass filter is ideal for removing unwanted bass frequencies for your amp sound; this is switchable between 80Hz and 200Hz. The 440 features a high-shelf 7Khz filter designed to add more sparkle to Ribbons microphones. The return jack of the 440 can be used an a high-impedance instrument DI, this signal path benefits from the sound of a Cinemag transformer for classic American mic pre tone.

Thanks to it ingenuous circuitry you can use your effects pedals as post effects from within your DAW, which ideal for those who want legitimate pedal tone and do not want to use plug-ins to capture there sound.

The Main Features of The Meris 440 500-Series Preamp Include:

  • Legendary Cinemag Input and Output transformers for classic American mic pre tone
  • Hybrid-Discrete opamps receiving and driving each respective transformer section
  • Pedal friendly post effects loop. Interface with pedals at levels that won’t clip
  • High Pass Filter selectable between 80Hz and 200Hz
  • Custom 7kHz or 4kHz High Shelf filter optimized for achieving a finished tone when recording guitar
  • 20dB Pad, Phase Reverse and Phantom Power toggles
  • Premium components throughout the all Analog signal path
  • Designed and Built in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.
  • Up to 60dB of gain at the input section
  • Output trim -27dB to +12dB (occurs pre-output transformer to preserve output transformer secondary impedance)
  • 12dB / octave High-Pass: 80Hz or 200Hz corner frequency
  • High-Shelf boost: + 3dB at 4kHz or 7kHz corner frequency
  • 20Hz to 20kHz flat frequency response (+/- .3 dB) with all filters disengaged
  • -130dBu EIN (A-weighted)
  • 1Meg Ohm input impedance at Return/D.I. input


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