Manley Reference Silver Tube Microphone



Manley Reference Silver Tube Microphone

Inspired by the Sony C-37A the Manley Reference Silver Tube Microphone features an American built capsule by David Josephson and a Manley designed circuit that gives this microphone a warm and rich tone. The Manley Reference Silver Microphone offers a mechanical selector on the rear of the head basket that is switchable between cardioid and omni pick-up patterns. Boasting a mic grade 5670 vacuum tube, Manley IRON® transformers, and a low-noise switch mode power supply, the Manley Reference Silver Microphone is a studio workhorse.

This microphone is at home in-front of instruments that range from female vocalists, to saxophones, from drum overheads to banjos. Use the Manley Reference Silver Microphone where you might be thinking about a ribbon, and use it with confidence! Inside the mic, Manley are using a different circuit from our other two microphones. The fragile high impedance signal from the capsule first hits a FET sitting underneath the 5670 vacuum tube’s cathode which then amplifies the signal into a more robust voltage that our hand-wound Manley IRON microphone output transformer sends out to your microphone preamplifier.


  • Condenser Transducer Based on Vintage Sony C-37a Hand Made in Usa by Josephson Audio
  • Single-sided Large Diaphragm Capsule Edge Tensioned
  • 5 Micron Evaporated Gold Diaphragm 1″ Diameter
  • Dual Pattern Cardioid or Omni Directional Adjustable Via Vent on the Backplate
  • 5670 Internal Vacuum Tube Head Amplifier
  • Constant Current Source for Tube Minimizes Noise and Tube Selection
  • Hand Wound Nickel Core Manley Iron Output Transformer
  • Output Impedance: 30 Ohms
  • High Pass Filter Switch -3db @ 55hz 6db/8va
  • Frequency Response: 10hz-30khz, Amp to 60khz
  • Maximum Input Spl: 150 Db Spl at Capsule
  • Sensitivity: 7mv/pa
  • Amplifier Type: 2 Triode Gain Block Lo Z Output
  • Output Polarity: Balanced Xlr, Pin 2 Hot, Pin 3 Low
  • Amplifier Distortion: Less Than 0.05 % Thd+n Bw 22-22 Khz (1kohm Load, 1khz -40dbv Output)
  • Amplifier Noise: Typically -108 Dbv “a Weighted”
  • Body: Etched Silver Anodized Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.5 Lbs (mic)
  • Weight: 2 Lbs (psu)
  • Size: 2″ X 9.7″ X 4.5″ (mic Including Suspension)
  • Size: 5″ X 8.2″ X 3.4″ (psu)
  • Custom Designed Outboard Switched Mode Psu 90v ~ 250vac Universal Voltage Operation 50hz-60hz
  • Power Consumption: 15 Watts
  • Psu External Mains Fuse: 5mm X 20 Mm, 2a @ 250v, Ceramic, Slo-blo

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