Manley MicMaid 4×4 Matrix



The Manley MicMaid 4×4 Matrix is designed to let you audition and select between up to four microphones and four microphone preamplifiers. Simply plug them all into this box, push the buttons and, and pick your favorite combo! You can hear every mic through every pre, match output levels for each and every signal path, and save your favorite settings with the push of a button – all without unplugging a single cable. There’s even a front-panel DI with variable phase adjustment to guarantee a perfect match with your other inputs. As with all Manley products, the MicMAID is hand-built right here in the USA. Start cleaning up YOUR workflow with a MicMAID! Shipping begins sometime in 2010 (we hope!).

Manley MicMaid 4×4 Matrix Features

  • Connects 4 mics and 4 micpre’s through a convenient matrix
  • +/- 19.5 dB gain adjust (0.5 dB steps) for each of the 4 signal paths
  • Recall settings for gain, mic & pre combinations
  • Unit generates phantom power to mics (selectable)
  • Variable phase, ground lift for front-panel DI
  • High-quality, gold-contact sealed relays throughout


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