Manley Force 4 Channel Valve Mic Preamp



The Manley Force is a 4-channel valve mic preamp based on the same topology as the Core’s mic pre section.

The Manley Force Quad Mic Preamp uses the same hand-wound iron mic input transformers and 12AX7 valve gain stage as the Core in each channel as well as the same input level control and switch arrangement. The difference from the Core however is the use of Manley’s new Mosfet White Follower Output Stage.

Each channel includes an XLR mic input and a ¼” DI input. The superb front panel faceplate displays several controls such as a 120Hz High pass filter, a variable input pad, polarity reversal, +48V Phantom Power and a High/Low Gain switch. In addition each channel sports a 7 LED metering to provide instant visual feedback of audio levels.

As always with Manley the Force is all made by hand in Chino, California with hand-wired silver solder and uses audiophile-grade only components

The main features of the Manley Force include:

  • Four-channel mic preamp
  • Microphone Input (XLR), Hi Z Instrument Direct Input (TRS) per channel
  • Manley Microphone Input Transformer
  • Class A Vacuum Tube Gain Stage
  • Mosfet White Follower output stage


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