Lynx LT-HD L-Slot HD Expansion Card – P.O.A.

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The Lynx LT-HD expansion card fits in either the Aurora 16 or Aurora 8. The LT-HD allows connectivity with Digidesign ProTools|HD systems. 

The Lynx LT-HD card allows Aurora converters to be used in current ProTools HD systems via digilink cables between the card and HD card. Once connected, the Aurora can be used to convert, control all input and output functions, clocking, routing and other settings. One LT-HD equipped Aurora 16 can provide up to 32 channels of analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion.

LT-HD’s hardware and on-board software streamline installation and set-up, bringing Aurora audio quality and channel count to the ProTools system. LT-HD provides signal latency identical to that of the Digidesign 192 I/O for accurate delay compensation within ProTools – no manual delay adjustments are required.

The LT-HD contains one Primary and one Expansion DigiLink port. Aurora supports full channel count at sample rates up to 192 kHz. You do not lose half of your channels at higher sample rates and you do not need to purchase additional expensive modules for full channel counts. Pro Tools users can now benefit from Lynx’s exclusive SynchroLock™ word clock for very low jitter and low distortion of digital signals.

The main features of the Lynx LT-HD expansion card include:

Expansion Type Input Expansion
Number of Channels 32
Compatibility Fits a Aurora 8 or 16. To be connected to a Pro Tools HD core/Accel card
Sample Clock Synchronisation SynchroLock

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