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Little Labs Pepper Instrument Blender DI Box is an all in one solution for guitarists and engineers, providing a central hub of creativity interfacing pro gear and guitar gear.

Pepper is one of the easiest to use and most accurate re-amp device available. It includes active line level transformer-less DI and active transformer mic level DI, as well as re-amp input.

The Little Labs Pepper is built to work with your other Little Labs gear. By using the Little Labs Rakl, up to 4 Little Labs devices can be rack mounted in a 1U space, and with line level expansion output. The Pepper interfaces with other products such as the Redeye 3D and the PCP instrument distro.


This unit is built with state of the art analogue circuitry and includes full ground isolation for hum free performance. Due to the unique analogue nulling level matching circuitry, the Pepper also offers some of the most accurate re-amping, ensuring your insert ins and outs are both clean and accurate.

The main features of the Little Labs Pepper Instrument Blender DI Box include:

• Central hub for engineers / guitarists
• Parallel audio blending
• State of the art analog circuitry
• One of the easiest and most accurate re-amp device
• Line level expansion output for interfacing with other Little Labs products
• Rack-mountable with the Little Labs rakl 

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