Lisson Grove Tube Compressor


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The Lisson Grove Tube Compressor is a vintage styled tube limiter built in the vein of the classic Altec 436B and EMI RS124 compressors. The Lisson Grove RX24 is a single channel, all valve, vari-mu compressor housed in a rugged steel chassis.

The Lisson Groove Limiter may be a recreation of a piece of equipment from the 60’s, the quality of the components does not suffer from modern manufacturing processes; each component has been carefully selected to ensure high-quality and the best sound fidelity throughout.

The Lisson Grove Compressor utilizes three valves as part of its circuitry; a 6ES8, 6CG7 and 6AL5 and other quality components such as Solen and Auricap transistors and a CineMag custom output transformer have also been used. The RX24 is point to point hand wired throughout.

Although the RX24 is built upon “retro” standards it does feature some modifications that improve upon the functionality and stability and the sound remains unique and true to the original models it is borrowing its design from.

The Main Features of The Lisson Grove Compressor Include:

  • Hand built and point to point handwired
  • Built to emulate the Altec 436B and EMI RS124
  • High quality components used throughout
  • Modern functionality
  • Authentic vintage sound


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