Kahayan – Epsilon Limited 4000 – 16 Channel Summing Mixer


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If you are looking for the classic solid British console sound, here is your 16 ch. summing mixer.

​​​The Epsilon limited 4000  is a 16 channel analog summing mixer with one summing mode option: the solid 4000 summing bus that gives to your mixer all the saturation and classic sound you are looking for.
Very simple to use: You just have to go to the Epsilon with a lot of volume from your DAW and find your ‘sweet spot’. And compensate with the master fader.

​​​​Summing by SOLID 4000 SUMMING BUS:

The Epsilon limited 4000  is a 16 channel summing mixer  that has included the same bus circuit that you find in our solid 4000 expansions.



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