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Epsilon 32-500

Kahayan gives you a solid high-end sonic experience with the unique, low noise, 32-500 Summing Mixer. This handwired unit is perfect for bringing the legendary, analogue sound to your in-the-box mix.

With the extremely versatile Epsilon 32 Channel Summing Mixer, Kahayan gives you the opportunity to combine your favourite classic consoles in one unit by simply flicking a switch. With 3 summing modes you have the world at your hands, letting you decide what is right for your mix, without disturbing your creative flow.

Summing Mode Nr. 1, Lunchbox mode:

Epsilon 32-500 is the first summing mixer with the option of using 500 series-modules, this opens up a wide range of opportunities to enhance your mix.

As a bundle option you can buy the Epsilon 32-500 with Kahayan’s own Solid 4000-500. This is the lunchbox format of Kahayan’s Epsilon Limited 4000 summing mixer, and it provides you with the glue and ghost compression to complete your classic, British 80’s hit record sound.

Summing Mode Nr. 2, The Kahayan Mode:

With just one flick of a switch we find ourselves in the 90’s. This is Kahayan’s own custom built circuit, providing you with their high-end signature sound. This transparent mode is perfect for opening up your mix, giving you a wide, clear stereo image, whilst adding that sweet analogue sound to your mix.

Summing Mode Nr. 3, External Mode:

This passive summing mode opens up infinite possibilities in colour, timbre and response.

Here you have the option of using one of Kahayan’s own expansion units, such as the Vintage 12k72 to give you that classic, warm 70’s sound, or you can simply connect a range of your own favourite 2-channel preamps.

Simple to use, Endless options and cost efficient. This summing mixer lets you mix and match your equipment as you like to the highest of standards. It is definitely the new must have addition to your studio.


The Main Features of Kahayan Epsilon 32-500 32 Channel Summing Mixer Include:

  • 32 Channels Analogue Summing Mixer
  • 3 x Summing modes
  • 2 x 500 series slots
  • 8 x input channels with Insert and Pan
  • 1 x MASTER balanced insert on DB25
  • 2 x Main outputs and masters insert on DB25
  • Master Fader and Stereo pre-fader Insert
  • All outputs and inputs are balanced


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