Kahayan – 8×4 Amp/Speaker Selector



Keep your creative workflow pure with Kahayan 8×4 Amp/Speaker Selector!
Now also available in MIDI Version!

Kahayan 8×4 Amp/Speaker Selector

This highly sophisticated selection system enables you to connect 8 amps into 4 speakers, allowing you to combine your gear in an efficient and time saving manner, without compromising the quality of the signal path.


Tim Pierce Kahayan 8×4 Review

World known session guitarist Tim Pierce, who have worked with big names such as Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne and Tina Turner says:
“This is a life changing unit for me”.  Check out his review and demonstration of the 8×4 Selector below.

This is a completely transparent and neutral unit, where you can seamlessly switch through your gear without any nasty pops or hums, leaving you with the real sound of your equipment.
Pablo Kahayan worked closely with guitarist and composer Ludovico Vagnone in the process of building the perfect, colourless circuit, preserving the purest possible signal.

The new version of the 8×4 selector is now controllable by MIDI Pedalboards or any tablet through a Bluetooth/MIDI interface.
Another new feature is the incorporated Tune Jack Output, which is linked to a mute switch and Bus Amp Insert. This mode is beneficial for a clean pedal rig routing.
Buy the 8×4 Selector today and spend more time on what really matters, your music.

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