HEDD Type 20 MK2, Left – 3-way Studio Monitors 3x300W with DSP – White (Single)


  • 3-Way-System with 7”+4” Woofer and High-Resolution HEDD AMT Tweeter
  • Integrated Amplifiers with 3x300W for up to 120 dB SPL/pair
  • Closed-or-Ported Functionality
  • Integrated DSP with AD/DA: 96 kHz, 32 Bit
  • HEDD Lineariser® Phase-Correction
  • Adjustable LFE, Shelf and Desk Filters
  • Available from January 2021 in Black or White


The HEDD Type 20 MK2 L White 3-way active studio monitor with DSP capabilities. The speaker consists of a 7″ honeycomb woofer (2″ voice coil), a 4″ midrange woofer (1.25″ voice coil) and HEDD AMT ribbon tweeter. The mk2 series builds on the highly praised series ONE speakers, with additional features such as HEDD lineariser Integration, CoP Technology (Closed or Ported).


Implemented in the MK2 and subwoofer models is the HEDD Lineariser®, a phase linearization tool that leads to perfect impulse responses and an audibly improved spatial reproduction

»CoP« TECHNOLOGY (Closed or Ported)

Ever since there have been loudspeakers, there have been 2 different design approaches to get a good bass response: closed box design, sometimes called infinite baffle, and bass reflex speakers, or ported designs. By offering removable plugs for the bass ports, combined with advanced FIR (Finite Impulse Response filtering), we now give our users the choice between these two worlds: A pin-point transient response / optimum accuracy (closed cabinet approach) or the advantages of a dynamic and low-reaching bass-ported design within creased SPL.

HEDD Type 20 MK2 L White Specifications

  • Woofer (honeycomb diaphragm): 7″ (2″ voice coil)
  • Midrange (honeycomb diaphragm): 4″ (1,25″ voice coil)
  • Tweeter: HEDD AMT
  • Crossover frequencies (48 dB/oct filters): 250 / 3.200 Hz
  • Input 1 – analogue stereo (2 ch) / Impedance: XLR / 22 kΩ
  • Input 2 – AES “in”: XLR
  • Output – AES “through”: XLR
  • Volume: ±12dB
  • Input sensitivity (A/D modulation): -10/-4/0/+4 dB
  • HEDD Lineariser®, disengage-able, delay: 10 ms
  • Shelve filters high/low (.5 dB steps): ± 4 dB
  • LF range (-3dB): normal/extended/satellite: 32 / 26 / 80 Hz
  • Desk Filter – Small/Medium /Large: 180 Hz (-1 /-2/-4dB)
  • AD/DA Conversion: 96kHz/32bit
  • Frequency response (-3dB): 32 – 40.000 Hz
  • Max. SPL (sound pressure level) per pair: 120 dB SPL
  • Power Amplifier /Universal Mains 110-240V: 3×300 W ICEpower
  • Cabinet with satin lacquer finish: black or white
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 280 x 358 x 338 mm
  • Weight: 15,4 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years



Read review from Duncan F. Brown Studio Engineer for Basement Jaxx


HEDD Type 20 MK2 Right

HEDD Type 20 MK Left Black

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