Handcrafted Labs – The Solution – Tube Opto-Levelling Amplifier (Compressor)


  • Hand-built
  • Originates from legendary Teletronics LA-2A
  • Add character and dynamic control to any signal
  • Depth and punch


The Solution is a dual-mono opto-levelling amplifier. Solution’s design originates from legendary Teletronics LA-2A, but with a number of improvements.

The Solution Compressor

Solution’s chain design is based on four Soviet military tubes – two dual triode for the first/second stage (6N5P) and two dual triodes for the third stage (6N14P). Signal path is nothing but pure tube and all stages are hand built with high quality shielded oxygen-free wire and film capacitors.

Opto-levelling generally means that you have an opto pair splitting your signal on the input of compressor section. Also signal amplifier (the one that amplifies your signal after everything you’ve done with it) is assembled on SE schematics. But to prevent you from depression, one would just say that it’s one of the best sounding and easiest to operate compressor types.

Solution is a versatile and multipurpose device that may add character and dynamic control to any kind of signal you feed it with. Since attack/release times depend much on the input signal, you get the freedom of tweaking the signal so it sounds right to your ears rather than being limited with timings. The best part is that not only you can creatively control dynamic range but give the signal more depth while keeping it as “punchy” as possible.

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