Handcrafted Labs – Affinity Mic Preamp


  • Class A two channel tube mic preamp
  • Dual triode tubes
  • Cinemag input transformers


Affinity is a Class A two channel tube microphone preamplifier by Handcrafted Labs.

Affinity Overview

It operates on dual triode tubes (6n3p and 6n5p) – two tubes for each channel. Components are top class, including Cinemag input transformers and high quality film capacitors. Output stage incorporates powerful toroidal transformers. All of the above makes Affinity a great choice for any recording application, you are guaranteed to get rich, smooth, silky and warm sound.

Each channel has stepped Input gain knob, Output level knob (Master Level), High Z instrumental input, Phantom power, Phase flip switch, Attenuator Pad switch and a Low Cut filter (set on 80 Hz).
True to their word – Handcrafted Labs make great sounding gear so you can make great sounding music.

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