Handcrafted Labs – A Thermos EQ


  • 4 Band parametric EQ
  • Top class input and output transformers
  • Additional transformerless input
  • Surgical precision EQ


Handcrafted Labs – A Thermos EQ – A 4-Band Parametric Equaliser inspired by Barry Porter type EQ with number of exclusive added design features, top class input and output transformers (and additional transformerless output).

Each band has a Boost/Bypass/Attenuation switch and a multiplier switch to double the frequency selected (divider for High Band) as well as switchable Q and 9 dB of either boost or attenuation in 24 steps switch. Centre section incorporates High Pass filter with adjustable frequencies and slope (six fixed frequencies and 12dB/24dB to octave curve selector) and full Mid-Side coder/decoder with M-S solo buttons.

Frequency Response measured with all eq bands ON set flat, 10Hz to 100kHz +0.2/-3dB

Incredibly surgical yet very musical and transparent, Thermos is an EQ you will not want to let go from your rack.


A Thermos EQ Technical Specifications:


  • Input Impedance – 24 кОhm
  • Output Impedance – 600 Оhm (transformer)
    • Output Impedance -500 Оhm (transformerless)
  • Nominal Level – +4dBu
  • Maximum Level +22 dBu
  • M/S Coder Circuitry Transformer based


Frequencies on bands:

  • Bass @ 35,50,60,80,110,130,140,180,210,240,280,350Hz±8dB
  • Low Mids @ 100,120,170,220,280,300,400,500,650,750,1K,3kHz±8dB Mids @ 580,750,900,1k,1.2K,1.5k,2k,3k,4k,5K,6.5K,8kHz±8dB
  • Highs @3.5K,4.5k,5.6k,6.5k,7.8k,10k,12k,14k,16k,18k,20k,22kHz±8dB
  • Each frequency band is equipped with a multiplier switch, which doubles selected frequency (Х2) and divides frequency by half (Х 0,5) for the High band.
  • Boost/Cut Amplification +/- 8 dB
  • Frequency Response 10 Hz…75 kHz. +/- 1 dBu
  • Signal to Noise -91dBu

Harmonic Distortion at 1кГц

  • on +16 dBu less then 0.1%
  • Power/Voltage 115/230V 50-60Hz