Hammer Audio HA-872 FET Condenser Microphone



The Hammer Audio HA-872 is a UK made, multi pattern, condenser, FET mic, utilising an isolated back plane capsule

Each HA-872 is entirely hand built, this includes the plating which gives each mic its own slightly unique look. Designed for studio use where the neutral balanced character of a microphone can really shine, the HA-872 has excellent off axis response, and a huge dynamic range. It captures virtually any source at a variety of distances, and the triple layer headbasket design reduces the need for pop-shields & reflection filters. It also helps to lessen the proximity effect from close sound sources. Its frequency response in “classic” mode calls back to classic FET microphones of the 70’s, with a significantly reduced high end “peak”. However, should the situation require, the “DE-emphasis” can be totally removed with a switch providing a more open sound typical of a modern condenser. There is also a three position low cut switch, giving a bit more flexibility when recording bass heavy sources.

The microphone is comes with a custom shock-mount to keep the mic stable in any location, and a high quality 3 meter cable, all of which comes in a custom flight case with pre-cut foam inside and a 3 year warranty!


Hammer Audio HA-872 Session Examples

Examples of the HA-872 on vocals. These include a dry ‘VOX ONLY’ version with no post processing, as well as a version of the mix with only reverb and delay on the main vocal, and the fully mastered track just for reference.

All sounds are made using only the artists voice, the mic and loop pedal.
Recording chain: HA-872 -> Neve 1073LB Pre -> Great River PMW501 (almost doing nothing/tiny peak control) -> Neve 551 Inductor EQ (3dB boost at 1.5khz and nothing else, specific for this voice), Into a SSL AlphaLink MX @ 96khz/24bit. Recorded at SilverHammer Productions.


Hammer Audio HA-872 Technical Specifications

  • Element: Isolated Dual Back plane 6 micron Mylar – 34mm Center Terminated
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Omni, Figure of 8
  • Frequency Response: 20hz-20,000hz (-6db at 50hz)
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity: 10mv/pa
  • Impedance: 200Ω
  • Noise Level: +14db
  • Dynamic Range (SPL): 142db at 1khz
  • Signal – Noise Ratio: 78db
  • Max Current Draw: 0.4A
  • Requires 48v Phantom Power
  • Front Switch – Pattern Select (3 pole switch – Cardioid, Fig.8, Omni)
  • Low Cut Points – 0Hz/80Hz/180Hz (3 pole switch)
  • Switchable De-emphasis –  (2 pole switch) “Vintage” – “modern”
  • Size -240mm x 75mm x 75mm (at widest points)
  • Microphone – 791g, including case, cable and mount – 3.087kg
  • XLR output
  • Available in matched pairs


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