Hammer Audio HA-69 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone



The Hammer Audio HA-69 is a hand made in the UK, multi-pattern, condenser, tube microphone that is absolutely packed with features!

The HA-69 is entirely handmade, including the metal plating and the engraving meaning each microphone will have a unique look and finish to it. Designed to be used in the studio, we created the HA-69 to be what we think is one of the most flexible and usable tube microphones on the market while sacrificing nothing in the way of sound quality. It holds 2 complete microphones inside which you are able to choose between at the flick of a switch while assisted by our newly designed ‘soft mute’ system, used to minimize equipment damage while changing between active audio circuits. To ensure the best performance from the mic we have also developed our own PSU for the HA-69 which is again entirely hand built and has a host of control features for the microphone on it.


The HA-69 seeks to bring back the clear but warm and classic sound of the 1962-1973 German broadcast radio from the period when tube development was near its peak. The B and C modes each have their own independent classic analog audio circuit, point to point wrapped and hand soldered as it was originally done, and the microphone features a new-old stock military grade Mullard tube that was once a key component in a rocket guidance system for the British military and was featured in New Scientist magazine in 1953 . The B mode has a nice warm tube sound to it with the feeling of warm lows and detailed high end, while in contrast the C mode feels more neutral allowing you to use the HA-69 on a wide range of sources. The microphone also features our very popular ‘voicing circuit’, and when combined with the B and C modes and the other controls on the microphone such as the low cut, and sweepable pattern select you will get 6 different ‘voicings’ from the HA-69 just from flicking switches on the item itself. No need for EQ at all.

The Package comes with the HA-69 itself, a custom shock-mount to keep the mic stable in any location, a high quality custom 3 meter 7-pin XLR (for use only with the HA-69), and the PSU with kettle lead, all of which comes in a custom flight case with pre-cut dense foam inside and a 3 year warranty!


Hammer Audio HA-69 Technical Specifications

  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Omni, Figure of 8 (sweepable on PSU)
  • Frequency Response: 20hz-20,000hz
  • Requires HA-69 Custom PSU and Custom 7 pin XLR
  • -14Db Pad switch on PSU
  • Front Switch – Audio circuit select
  • Low Cut Points – 0Hz/80Hz/180Hz (3 pole switch)
  • Switchable De-emphasis – (2 pole switch) “Vintage” – “modern”
  • Size -240mm x 75mm x 75mm (at widest points)
  • XLR output


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