Great River PWM 501 500-Series Compressor/Limiter Module



Great River PWM 501 500-Series Compressor/Limiter.

The main features of the Great River PWM 501 Compressor/Limiter include:

  • The Great River PWM-501 is a One-slot, single channel compressor for 500-series format.
  • It uses a unique Pulse Width Modulator as the gain control element, delivering the speed of the FET and VCA compressors with a character of its own. Furthermore, this versatile compressor features a continuous variable ratio control ranging from 1:1 all the way up to 20:1 and attack and release time controls ranging from 0.01 ms to 0.7ms for the former and 0.01 all the way up to 5ms.
  • Versatile, the PWM-501 features a FF/FB control knob offering feedforward or feedback topology as well as a hi-pass filter side-chain EQ to limit unwanted trigger by the low-end such as a kick drum. Moreover, two units can be easily be linked for stereo operation.
  • Like all Great River products, the PWM-501 is designed and built in the USA to really high standard.

Great River PWM 501 500-Series Compressor/Limiter Overview:

  • Pulse width modulated compressor / limiter
  • Unique new design from Great River
  • Output level, threshold, ratio, attack, and release settings
  • FF/FB control
  • Stereo linkable with 2 units


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