Great River MEQ-1NV Microphone Preamp/EQ combo


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The Great River MEQ-1NV Microphone Preamp/EQ conveniently combines the one channel preamp ME-1NV and the one channel equalizer EQ-1NV. They are factory-assembled and tested in a rack ready RK-2. The MEQ-1NV includes a TRS patch and power cords.

Great River MEQ-1NV Microphone Preamp/EQ Overview

The EQ-1NV (four-band parametric, true inductor/capacitor, ’70’s British “1081/1083”-style) is routed via the patch loop jack on the ME-1NV (two-gain-stage, dual-meter, ’70’s British “1073”-style mic pre).In this configuration, the EQ is inserted between the mic preamp gain stages, providing a wide range of gain-based effects. With higher input gain / lower output gain, the EQ sections can be driven slightly harder for increased harmonics; with lower input gain / higher output gain, the EQ sounds very transparent. With its ultra-high headroom and ultra-low noise floor, the MEQ-1NV is an indispensable tool for modern recording.

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