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The Grace Design M905 is a stereo monitor controller, engineered from the ground up to provide unrivalled audio playback performance with a comprehensive and intuitive feature set.

Included are all requisite professional audio inputs and outputs, both analog and digital, with an asynchronous USB input for jitter free 24/192 computer playback. Outputs include 3 stereo speaker sets, two subwoofer, and our reference headphone amplifier.

The remote is powerful, clean and ergonomic. It includes a headphone output, talkback microphone, and dedicated real time SPL meter. Controls are designed so that anyone unfamiliar with the system can operate it immediately and intuitively, then with a minimal time investment advanced setup and calibration features are accessed and programmed with ease.

The Grace Design m905 offers more monitoring management features than any current monitor controller. But its true essence is as the most sonically reliable and innate centerpiece available for your studio – homebase for your ears, eyes and hands.

The main features of the Grace Design M905 Reference Monitor Controller include:

  •     Analog inputs: unbalanced, balanced, CUE, Talkback mic
  •     Digital inputs: 2x AES 3, 1 S/PDIF, 1 TOSLINK, ADAT (selectable in 4 pairs, or 2 pairs in SMUX),
  •     USB Audio circuitry designed for completely transparent and musical playback performance
  •     Asynchronous Class 2 USB playback supports up to 24 bit/192kHz
  •     Mastering quality DAC circuitry with configurable de-emphasis filtering
  •     S-lock dual-stage Phase Lock Loop for ultra low jitter clock regeneration
  •     Sleek, ergonomic hybrid RCU with hardware switches, large level encoder and graphical LCD
  •     LCD display shows input, level, output, SPL and DAC status plus a powerful calibration menu
  •     SPL meter sourced by built in RCU mic – includes level, peak, fast and slow modes, A & C weighting
  •     Precision .5 dB step level control for speakers and headphones
  •     Reference headphone amplifier circuitry, with outputs on both the RCU and mainframe
  •     Built in crossfeed circuit for simulating loudspeaker listening with headphones
  •     Dedicated mono, dim, mute, sub mute switches
  •     Mono mode can be set to L+R summed, L only in both channels, or R only in both channels
  •     3 available stereo speaker outputs, two available as 2.1
  •     Multi-mode SUB/ DAC/ METER out SUB out mode for stereo or multiple mono subwoofer outputs
  •     Digital loop thru output – fixed source (AES,SPDIF,TOSLINK) or follows the digital input source
  •     DAC out mode for a fixed DAC output fed by the selected digital input, level calibration from 0-100
  •     METER out mode fed by selected input signal (digital or analog), level calibration from 0-100 or post speaker fader level

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