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The Genelec 8350A Studio Monitor features a wide range of premium-grade components designed for professional-grade audio. The optimised amplifiers work in conjunction with the high-grade drivers to deliver exceptional audio quality with a natural stereo field. Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) technology provides both flat and off-axis response for a wider listening area. This specialised technology helps to improve stereo and sound stage imaging as well as maximising the sound pressure level capacity. The DCW technology works by shaping the emitted wavefront in a controlled manner. This allows the DCW technology to predict the tailoring the dispersion pattern, providing a flat and unformed frequency response.

Smart Active Monitor (SAM) System

The Genelec 8350A SAM Studio Monitor is centred around Genelec’s advanced SAM systems, providing advanced and flexible monitoring. The Smart Active Monitor System is designed to adapt to any environment and provide consistent audio quality across the board. Based on the electro-acoustic blueprints of the 1200, 8000 and 7000 range, the new and improved SAM system will automatically detect and correct levels, delay and environmental issues. The result is optimised audio performance, ensuring you capture every nuance of your source material while retaining the sounds natural harmonic qualities. Any SAM System monitor also can be controlled from the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) network and software for added flexibility.

GLM AutoCal™ Technology

SAM systems’ intelligent GLM AutoCal™ technology (optional extra) improves the precision of monitoring by compensating deficiencies in the listening environment. Based on data from hundreds of listening rooms, GLM AutoCal™ is continuously evolving, thereby enabling SAM systems installed years ago to benefit from improved performance. After automated calibration, based on one or more listening positions, all components in a system playback at the same level and timing, with acoustical colorations removed from the monitors’ responses, leaving superb consistency and neutral sound stage imaging.

The main features of the Genelec 8350APM include:


  • Optimized Amplifiers
  • Active Crossovers
  • Smart Active Monitor™
  • Directivity Control Waveguide™
  • Protection Circuitry
  • Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™
  • Reflex Port Design
  • Iso-Pod™ Stand
  • Versatile Mountings
  • Intelligent Signal Sensing™


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