Genelec 7040APM Active Studio Subwoofer


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The Genelec 7040 Active Studio Subwoofer is an ultra-compact new subwoofer solution designed around Genelec proven Laminar Spiral Enclosure technology, enabling accurate sound reproduction and precise monitoring of low frequency content.

The Genelec 7040 ultra-compact subwoofer has been designed to complement the 8010, 8020 and M030 active monitors, the 7040A delivers accurate sound reproduction and precise monitoring of low frequency content. These performance characteristics, combined with a compact form factor, make the 7040A ideal for use in music creation and sound design applications, as well as audio and video production work in small rooms and improvised monitoring environments.

The Genelec 7040A subwoofer packs the cutting-edge technology and the highest performance in an extremely compact package. All electronics, amplifier circuitry, drivers and enclosure have been designed and assembled, tested and calibrated individually in the Genelec factory in Finland. The 7040A features Genelec’s Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) technology. This unique enclosure design is the result of more than 10 years of research work and manufacturing experience and allows the 7040 to achieve a high sound pressure level (an essential property for a subwoofer) and move high volumes of air without distortion.

Small rooms have limited floor space and Genelec engineers have optimised the 7040 subwoofer enclosure with this in mind. With external dimensions of 410 x 350 x 205 mm (16 1/8 x 13 ¾ x 8 1/8 in), the 7040A has a footprint that is smaller than that

of a small practice guitar amplifier. It is also narrow enough to fit in a 19 inch rack and weighs a mere 11.3 kg (25 lb).

Calibration of the Genelec 7040A subwoofer to the listening environment is done using DIP switches located on the subwoofer connector panel. These controls address typical monitoring placement configurations. An optional carry bag allows professionals to work on the move, with portable recording devices and in non- purpose-built monitoring environments with an accurate and flexible monitoring tool.

The 7040A produces 100 dB of sound pressure level (SPL) using a 6 ½ inch woofer and a powerful Genelec-designed Class D amplifier. At the lowest frequencies this SPL is radiated from the bass reflex port by channelling large volumes of air movement through it. The LSE enclosure is made from a spiral-shaped strip of steel, providing maximal mechanical stability for the large pressures generated inside the subwoofer.

The spiral forms the bass reflex port as well, enabling linear air flow also at the highest SPL outputs. This flow-optimized construction provides extended low frequency capacity and low distortion resulting in precise bass articulation.

The main features of the Genelec 7040 Active Studio Subwoofer include:

  • Ultra-Compact (41cm x 35cm x 20.5cm) enclosure with optimized design allows for accurate sound reproduction even in small-sized environments.
  • Patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSETM) extends low frequency output with precise bass articulation and very low distortion.
  • ± 3 dB (33 Hz – 85 Hz). Crossover at 85Hz for use with Genelec 8010, 8020, M030 Monitors.
  • Made in Finland, Genelec workhorse reliability.

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